Melissa and Joey: TV Show (Review)

Melissa & Joey! What an absolutely amazing show. 

Normally for television shows I do a review of a season that's just finished but not today. I came across Melissa & Joey just last month and instantly became obsessed. With the remake of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, I was reminded of how much I adore Melissa Joan Hart and so I decided to look her up. That's where I came across her in this incredibly funny sitcom. 
Mel is a politician who becomes the sole carer for her niece and nephew. Due to her high profile and busy job, she hires a nanny to look after the kids. Joey has just had another failed job and pretends to be a nanny. Together the four of them end of living together and becoming a family and four seasons later, they couldn't imagine it any other way.
This show is so funny and the short 20 minute episodes are the perfect length. It's really easy to fit in an episode here and there and they are highly addictive. They're cute and simple, light hearted and simplistic but I love that each episode has a message.
It's fairly obvious from the start where the show will end up but through a massive array of mistakes, it all fits together perfectly. I loved every second of it and only wished there were many more episodes.