A Discovery of Witches - Season 1 (Review)

This year has been an incredible year for new shows and my latest addiction is without a doubt, A Discovery of Witches. Click here for the trailer or watch below. 

With the supernatural genre massively over used, I worried when I first saw the trailer to this series but I absolutely love all things vampire related and of course, the second I saw Teresa Palmer was the main lead actress, I couldn't not watch it. 
Teresa Palmer doesn't disappoint one bit and her talent comes across clearly. I forgot all about her previous character portrayals and instead fully believed in her as Diana Bishop, the powerful long-lost witch. My favourite thing about her is that she's the female lead of the show and even without her powers, she is a strong and independent woman who truly excels in her field. I love that we begin the season with her working on her new thesis, especially at Oxford University. 
For me, as a true romantic, I always fall for shows that have that romance aspect intertwined within the show. This one does not disappoint and from the second they met, I couldn't help but root for the pair of them. 
The two are well supported by not only other cast members but family. Many of the rest of the characters are related to one another and the family aspect is a crucial theme throughout. It's the bonds between them all which tie them together. 
As with any great show, there is always an enemy and there are two key characters which bring the opposition to life. A witch who hates Diana and a witch who has equal power...or does she. The season ends on a cliffhanger, leaving the unknown a question of the future.
I think it's clear to say that I've been completely and utterly taken by this show. It will be one of my favourites I'm sure and I can't wait for the next 2 seasons, which have already been requested and confirmed. Unfortunately for me, Teresa Palmer is pregnant and while I'm so excited - she's having a little girl! - it does mean that the filming for the second season will most likely be delayed.