A Star is Born (Review)

A Star is Born is the latest musical to hit the big screen and after hearing so many great things, I headed to the cinema to see it myself. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. 

Who would have thought that Lady Gaga would be an actress and Bradley Cooper a singer?! This film is so different to anything the pair have done before and with each already having their own massive careers, I'm sure there was a huge amount of pressure on both of their shoulders. 
Speaking of singing, the soundtrack is absolutely incredible. Each song is unique and perfect for the moment. I have been listening to the album on repeat ever since I saw the film and I think it's a really unique album. It's nice listening to the songs knowing the story because otherwise it would feel like a complete mismatch but it's actually perfect for a variety of different tastes.
I love that they each have their own journeys throughout the film. The pair are so entwined but simultaneously, their paths are unique. There's a sadness and happiness to each of them and it's beautiful to see the transparency and emotional rawness to the vulnerabilities they each share. From this perspective, I think it's really clever because we get an inside look at the life of an artist. It shows the ups and downs, but also the pressure's of the lifestyle as well. Often, the papers only release the aftermath of the effects, but in reality it's usually been a downhill spiral.
So many people love this film, in fact I haven't read a single negative review but I just couldn't find it in my heart to truly say I love it. There's just something about the story that I just didn't connect with and despite all the insights, I felt it was missing something. One thing that annoyed me was that the film jumped from a no-one singing on stage for the first time to winning a Grammy. In my eyes, it moved too fast and left too many unknowns, yet at the same time, it was slow paced and I found myself getting bored.
Clearly, I'm one of the minority but despite loving the soundtrack, this films is not one of my favourites. What did you think?