Black Friday Haul!

I never normally treat myself to gifts in Black Friday sales but this year there was a few bits and bobs I desperately wanted and I just couldn't say no to the prices. 

First up is the most incredible board game I have ever played: Rummikub! I was introduced to this game back in March by a couple of my flatmates. Since then, we've played it so many times as a flat and it's highly addictive. Not only is it fun but it's also all about patterns which gets the brain thinking. 
I finally bought some Bluetooth speakers. It's been a desperate need of the house for a while and we've been borrowing my neighbours in the meantime. I have two iPod speakers but neither of them is wireless and they are both the 30-pin connection so this one will be much more useful for listening in the house downstairs. 
As you know, I'm currently a student midwife and the long shifts at the hospital really take it out of my feet. I thought I'd get this Massage Roller to help soothe the archers and for quite cheap it's perfect. 
Who can refuse a £1.49 book! Paige Toon is one of my favourite authors and with so many of her favourite characters in these mini short stories, I can't wait to read them this Christmas season.
Everyone has been absolutely loving A Star is Born and despite not enjoying the film to the fullest myself, I do love the songs!
I ended up buying one of my sister's a travel jewellery box and of course, I couldn't warrant the amount I spent on her, I found a cheaper version on Amazon that is perfect! I will be sharing a full blog post on all the gifts I've bought for friends and family soon so stay tuned!
Another little extra was this Hair Scalp Massager. Since starting on some new medication, my scalp has just felt so dry. It's great because I don't have to wash my hair due to grease but it just feels quite itchy so this is suppose to help.
Finally, I grabbed some new brushed in the Superdrug sales. I've been in need of some for a while and it was about time I treated myself!
Did you treat yourself in Black Friday sales this year?