Open Mic Night, Scaring my Mum and Bonfire Night!

The end of a busy week was full of fun. Open mic night was amazing and then I went to visit my mum for Bonfire Night!

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The accommodation where I live is really generous in terms of the events and socials that they organise. They arranged for a post-Halloween photo booth which was so much fun! I went a couple of times and it's one of my favourite photos of myself. I'm not sure the people in the photos want to be shared publicly so I'll leave them private for now.

I got home from work and it turns out, we'd been invited, as a house, by our neighbours to an open mic night just up the road. It was so much fun! I absolutely love live music and acoustic versions of songs have always been so relaxing to me. The bar was really relaxed and decorated beautifully.

 Plus one of the acts, brought the absolute cutest puppy. It's my dream dog and she was gorgeous!
After a long week at work, I managed to squeeze in a trip back North to visit my mum. I had such a laugh scaring her when I got home but her husband wasn't best pleased.

I had such a busy day planned. Despite waking up an hour late, I made it to the White Rose Centre just 10 minutes late for a lunch date with my friend and her son. We decided to go to Prezzo and I loved it so much. I don't think I've been there before, but the food was absolutely divine. I had so much: pizza, fries and the most delicious caramel brownie!
Of course, my lunch dates were pretty cute too. I haven't seen Suzanne and Bubs for a good few months but I finally got my first smiles out of him! I got lots of snuggles, giggles and even belly laughs, which 100% made my day!
They left just before 1 so that Bubs could stick to his afternoon nap schedule and I went for a walk round the shopping mall. They've added so much more space with a huge new cinema, play area and multiple new restaurants. I can't believe how much they've added extra. They even had some Christmas decorations up. I can't believe how close Christmas is and I am already so excited!
 Of course, while I was there, I headed shopping. I hate shopping but Dorothy Perkins is my downfall. I shared the full haul so you can have a look here.
By the time I got home, I had a couple of hours before heading out for a Bonfire Night Party. We tend to go to my step uncle's farm for a charity event with lots of fireworks, a bonfire, food, drinks and raffles. The last few years it's been raising money for Cancer Research but this year it was for a local charity.
Sparklers are always fun but they defintely don't make them the same way that they used to. I remember being able to see my name written for at least a few seconds but no in disappears almost instantly.
I actually really enjoyed myself so despite not getting the early night I wanted, I came home at 1am happy and content.
How did you celebrate Bonfire Night this year? Let me know in the comments below!