Making a House a Home: Hallway and Stairway Reveal!

After picking the furniture and the colour schemes for the rooms, it was time to start decorating the rooms and making it truly feel like a home. I ummed and ahhed so much about how to organise these posts and whether I should do an entire decor post first, but ultimately, I've decided to just go ahead and release the rooms in their entirety! 

For all of the rooms, most of the bits bought are from Amazon, Dunelm or ASDA George. Also, not everything is brand new so not everything will be linked but I will try to find as many things as I can. Finally, I haven't put anything up with nails or hooks, so everything uses command hooks or command strips. 

Let's start with the hallways and the stairway! 

The downstairs hallway is very simple. Since I first moved in, the door has been completely replaced so it is now white and glass, making the room much more brighter and lighter. I kept it quite simple with just a key holder and above that I placed a quote my mum got me when I first moved to London 7 years ago, and it's gone everywhere with me! 

Up the stairs, I wanted some continuous art work on multiple levels. It was really hard to find something that both I liked and my boyfriend accepted, without breaking the budget. I really liked quotes but he didn't. After finishing the other rooms, I realised I didn't have much - if any! - greenery in the house so I really wanted to bring that in somehow. I ended up finding 5 botanical prints that were already framed, with a mix of greenery and quotes for £9.99...a bargain! I love them and think they were perfectly. 

For the upstairs landing, I initially bought a collage white photo frame. The space is right opposite my bedroom door and with my bedroom being white, I didn't want to have some artwork completely clash, so thought white would be good. In the end, it came in the wrong shade so I ended up using the frame downstairs instead. I thought long and hard about what would work and so ended up settling on two pieces of macramé. I didn't break the bank and although I wanted to support a small business, for a temporary decor item, I couldn't quantify the cost. 

Finally, for the light fitting, I bought a cream coloured light shade. I loved the texture on this shade and how it perfectly matched the colour of the macramé and brought out the colour of the flecks in the carpet too. Most of the lights around the house are cyclinders, although different widths, varying with room size.