Halloween 2020: Decor and Plans!

 As you probably know, I have just moved into a new house so I have kept decor simple this year. Sadly, I can't go overboard just yet as I am still waiting for furniture and have some boxes to pack up! 

I actually reused most of my decorations and only bought a few little bits. I have tried to link the closest aspects instead, but you can also read my last decor post here. In the kitchen, I put up the pumpkin garland, glow in the dark pumpkin window stickers and then also had an extra little section on the window sill. I had some leftover black present packaging so used that the create a base. I placed my two little pumpkins on top and then scattered the pumpkin carving tools around. I bought a pumpkin bucket for 39p from Tesco's. They had a huge selection of different characters but I wanted to keep it pumpkin themed, and then I bought a bag of £1 Haribo's. 

I also had a hook up in my central wall, for a photo frame, which was the perfect place for my BOO sign from Amazon. Of course, I decorated my white board too. 

For the lounge, this is the unfinished room so I couldn't do much. I hung up the bat garland, switched up my light up board and then when my table arrives, I'll put the Halloween tablecloth on top. I cannot wait!

Running up my banister of the staircase, is my reused cobwebs and spiders

Finally, outside is the set of pumpkins we purchased and made from the pumpkin patch. There's a vlog coming very soon so stay tuned for all the Halloween fun. 

How are you celebrating Halloween this year? It is so different to normal. For the past few year's I've had Halloween parties but with lockdown and Covid-19, that sadly can't happen. I know that Trick N' Treating is pretty much cancelled but with a few kids on my street, I didn't want to turn them away so I have got a little bucket of sweets anyway as mentioned. I still want to dress up so I think I'm going to force Luke to come over and dress up, then wrap up warm and watch a fun Halloween film on the TV. Of course, with Halloween themed nibbles.