Safety Razor - Upgraded Dermaplaning? (Review)

As you may have read recently in my updated skincare routine, I regularly do dermaplaning. Following a friend sharing about her dermaplaning process, I decided to try a little "upgrade" so to speak. You all know, I've been trying to limit my plastic use and impact on the environment but sometimes that is hard. 

Tinkle Razors which I currently use, only last around 3 uses and then need replacing. The packaging also has more plastic. As an alternative, you can use a Safety Razor instead, where it's a metal handled razor, with replaceable metal blades. I decided to give it a go and share my experience. 

I bought this one from Kanzy as it was reasonably priced, had good reviews and looked good quality. I liked that it came with two blades, and a little case to keep it in. I thought it was relatively easy to replace the blades and I didn't feel like I would cut myself, which was a concern. Honestly, from there, I didn't see much difference in the results, even though it's meant to give a closer shave, so that was disappointing. I actually think it wasn't anywhere near as close as the Tinkle. I did however, find that the blades last longer, which makes it cheaper and more sustainable long term. 

Overall, I think it's a good alternative but I didn't find it worked as effectively so at the moment, I plan to stick to the Tinkle razors until I've used up the stock and then I may switch back.