Favourite Amazon Lockdown Purchases + Mini Reviews: Beauty, Games and Fashion!

I've seen a few posts out these like this on YouTube, but not so much on blogs so I thought I would quickly share some of my recent Amazon purchases which I got over lockdown. I didn't go excessive, but I defintely got more than I normally do, but then I saved money by not going out of course. 

Dots for Spots: With face masks and poor skincare regimes over lockdown, my skin started to break out for the first time in a long time. I thought I would give the Dots for Spots a go to see if they helped. I tended to use these during the day, rather than at night as recommended. I like to wear an oil for bed, and as I wasn't wearing makeup over lockdown I still had a decent length of time I could wear the dots for. I found the redness went down on all my spots which was great. On normal spots the size also reduced, but not so much for the spots under the skin. 7*. 

8 Piece Boules Set: I loved boules as a kid and wanted to have something fun to do outside, especially given the gorgeous weather that we had. This was a cheaper set but I was really impressed with the high quality and I'm really pleased I bought these, especially for use with the kids in the future. The case is a little cheap and I can see it breaking after a bit of use, but it's not the end of the world. 8*. 

Slipshort Multipack: I needed something to wear under my dresses to stop my thighs from chaffing and these are amazing. I must have bought and returned about 6 different brands and these were by far the best. I actually sized down for these and got a size small as the medium seemed to ride up on me. They're also quite stretchy so very comfy and easy to size up/down. 10*!

Ruffle Floral Flared Swing Dress: It's actually not letting me save a picture of this product so I'm sorry about that but, I wanted to share it anyway as I wore this dress for my job interview! I loved how flowy the dress was because it has a really flattering fit, that kinched in at the waist but still hid my tummy rolls. I loved that it had two deep pockets and also the array of cute designs. I thought the material was quite cheap and felt thin, but it did the job I wanted: to look smart and next day delivery. 6*. 

Greeting Card Planner: I love being organised and I have always bought cards in bulk so have them in when needed. I am a little OCD and living at my dad's without my normal storage capacity, I needed a little more help and thought this was perfect. I loved the cute design on this planner and how the cards fit in each month, but that there are also extra ones too. It doesn't hold many cards in each pocket, or in the entire book so I can't go mad but it helps me better prepare and that's the only downside. I also loved the individual calendars on each month so I can write down key dates and birthdays. 8*. 

Connect 4 Shots: I wanted this so long ago but it was really quite expensive...shockingly so! In the end, it came up in the sale and I am so glad I got it. I played with my niece and had so much fun. It's a unique twist on Connect 4. 10*. 

Bikini Dress: This is probably my all time favourite swimming costume ever. I love the pattern and print because it is so fun. The material is thick and high quality, which pulls and holds everything in place, almost compression like. The chest area is a little tight for my large boobs so I sized up with a size 12 - 14, instead of 10 - 12 which fits perfectly. I also loved the skirt length. It covers just to the top of my thighs, which is just what I want and doesn't stick to me like velcro when wet. 10*. 

Hair Dye - Colorista Washout Denim: Finally, and probably the most "not me" purchase was this hair dye. I actually got it in 3 colours (pink and purple also), but have yet to use the other shades. I wanted to have a change up and so I died my hair blue over lockdown and loved it. The colour was gorgeous and really vibrant for the first few days when applied. The colour didn't transfer to towels or sheets. It was really easy to apply and I was really surprised at how much was in the bottle. It lasted 3 re-dyes. The only downside is that it only comes with 2 gloves, which I feel I need 2 pairs per application, therefore 6 pairs in total. Also, whilst the colour washes out, my hair - 5 months later - my hair still looks a tinge green! 8*.