Huge New Announcement!

I've been so unhappy recently. I can hand on my heart say, I have never cried so much. The past month has been incredibly hard and I am so lucky. I have so many great friends and family. I have people who truly love me and would do anything for me. But I've been living in a place that I am not comfortable in and doesn't feel like home. I dread going back. I stay away for as long as possible and avoid it at all costs. You all know, I've recently moved into an acquaintances house and I am renting his spare room. I hadn't seen the property before I moved in, which was probably a mistake in retrospect. I'd seen pictures but the pictures hid a multitude of sins and had been cleaned and tidied dramatically. 

For the 4 weeks I've been living there, I can count on two hands how many nights I've actually spent there. The bed is ridiculously uncomfortable and the springs are popping up throughout the mattress. I have the worst back and barely sleep. On top of that, the sofa is broken so if I wanted to go downstairs, the floor would be more uncomfortable...but it's filthy. Speaking of filth, the kitchen is even worse. I don't want to cook because I literally feel disgusting being in there. I never thought I'd ever want to stay at work longer than a 12 and a half hour shift but I do. I go early and have breakfast there, and I stay late to have a microwave meal for tea there. It's been an adventure but I am grateful for the opportunity he gave me whilst I was at a loose end. But...I'm moving on! 

I have officially got my first ever home. HOME! I say home because it will be home. I'm moving! I will be moving in next week and I will defintely be sharing room tours, decorating plans, furniture shopping and more on the blog and in vlogs in the future. Be prepared for more posts like this! I cannot wait to move in and make it mine. It's a 12 month contract to begin with but I will probably just stay there until I buy my own house, because it's in such a great location and the price isn't extortionate. It's a small 2 up, 2 down, 2 bedroom terrace house. Bonus, it has a garage and a simple and easy to maintain garden. It's also near the canal and hospital (both in walking distance) so it is so perfect it's beyond amazing. 

It's been a long journey to get here and I was going to share a story time a little later but I thought I'd throw it in here instead. I've been looking for rentals since before I left Wales (2 months ago!) and I've looked around a few properties, booked and had even more viewings cancelled because the properties have gone overnight. This property seemed perfect on paper, but there were no pictures on the website due to it being redecorated. I ended up emailing 30 minutes after I viewed the property saying I wanted it. From there, I thought it was mine but I was at work for 12.5 hours for the next 3 days. At work, I got a message saying it had been taken as someone had offered to pay 12 months upfront. I was shocked and heartbroken. I felt so lost and depressed again. The next day, they said they could save my application on file in case they failed referencing, but it would probably be unlikely. Then on Friday, I got 3 missed calls. I took a longer break to go reply and she had failed, so I paid the fee and they started the referencing process straight away! What an absolute rollercoaster of emotions that week was.