New *Pink and Grey* Bedroom Reveal!

You may have seen a few sneak peaks in my vlogs but my new bedroom is finally ready and completed! I am so excited to share the finished room and I am completely and utterly in love. As I am sure you all know, I don't feel quite at home at the farm and haven't for a while, but I'm so pleased I now have my own space away from the family: a little adult resting spot.
I shared my mood board for the design last month and whilst there's been a few changes, the grand design stayed roughly the same. Sadly, it took a little longer than expected due to a few delays. If you have any projects coming up yourself, don't forget to add in additional weeks to avoid upset!

We are planning on knocking down the conservatory and turning it into a decking. Unfortunately, the new room will cost too much to fix so it's an alternative replacement. As a result, we had to have the double doors switched to outdoor doors and these showed up facing the wrong way. Because of the large inset, it would mean the doors could only open a maximum of 80 degrees so then we had to wait an additional 2 weeks to get them remade and fitted, which also delayed the carpets going in and that then needed reorganising as well. Luckily, it's all now done! There are some touch ups needed on the paintwork but other than that, it's good to go!
I am completely and utterly in love with the wallpaper. I think it really brightens and lightens the room, but it also adds some dimension to the room and a fun feature wall captures the eye.
Having painted the pine wood furniture, this also adds to the brightness of the room. With moving the furniture around, it has now opened up the double doors, which means that there is now more floor space and the windows are fully accessible, bringing in more light again. I was a little unsure of the door handles looking tacky but I think they really tie the rose gold in and actually look quite sophisticated!
Light was a big problems for this room, which wasn't helped by the dark wall colour. I loved purple before and I wanted something to make the room cosier, but I was 10 years old when I picked the last colour so something lighter was defintely needed. The pink wall colour was colour matched from the wallpaper, as was the grey for the furniture, although this came a little lighter than originally planned.

For lighting, a grey light shade as chosen that had 3 bulbs. It wasn't my favourite but it was cheap and worked. I then bought some simple and cheap, rose gold lamps for the side tables. I wanted something a little more industrial feeling but couldn't find any in rose gold that were cheap, so went for the simple touch lamps instead.

I also decided against getting an extra chair. I wanted something that was comfier but in the end, the two I had bought didn't fit in the gab of my dressing table and given that I wouldn't be in the house very often, I figured it probably wasn't worth £100+. 

In terms of decoration, I kept it relatively simple. I reused a lot of my already purchased decor for the side of the wardrobe, the television (with a new wall mount) and the mirror. Of course, all the furniture was already in the room too, accept for the ottoman at the bottom of the bed. That came from the spare bedroom which is now being turned into my grandmas room but she is bringing her own furniture. 
I did however buy I few little bits and pieces that I thought I would share and link too. For the decor, I bought these three canvas prints that colour match to the room perfectly. I also purchased some new bits for my side table area. I bought a new lamp in rose gold and a pink shade; I plan to get the same for the other side but a floor lamp instead. I bought a plastic container for beauty supplies, a rose gold extension cable (new charging cable) and some coasters. I did also buy a new guitar stand to tie in some of the wooden pieces I had in my room and I've always wanted it on display anyway. Of course, some really simple white bedding was needed and I just went for the cheapest option online. 
For the bed, I got a mix of cushions, with a Snuggle Season and a couple of striped pillows too. I also ordered a fuzzy one for the ottoman but this got replaced as it was out of stock. A cosy blanket was also purchased from Amazon. The only other two bits I bought were from Amazon two, with some rose gold and blush pink hangers and some pink storage boxes. I didn't take pictures of these but these are all in my wardrobe and I love that it all goes together well. Of course, whilst decorating, I got rid of quite a few bits and pieces (3 bags of clothes and about 4 bags of rubbish, with some boxes to donate and sell too!). I wanted to avoid putting anything under the bed or on top of the wardrobe and the pink boxes worked perfectly as a substitute. I also re-purchased some door handles. These were just from Amazon and are the same ones I linked on my mood board too...they were one of the first things I bought! 
See the room reveal here now and let me know in the comments below what you think!