Family Time, Romantic Walks and New Bedroom Reveal!

 A busy couple of weeks travelling between Nottingham and Wakefield, finalising my new room and ending with a beautiful sunset canal walk. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

After moving out of my home for the past 2 years, I headed straight to Wakefield. I had a few days off in between shifts and didn't love the new house I was living in so decided to go back. It was also meant to give me a few days to sort my room out, but sadly, that wasn't quite meant to be with a delay to the doors and therefore carpets being put in. Of course, with everything else going on I got into a little bit of down mood but got cheered up by visiting family and viewing my cousins new homes. They're all gorgeous and I am very jealous. 

We also had a little birthday celebration meal for my mum's mother-in-law. We had a Chinese takeaway and lots of cake with just two households (two joint in each). I think she had a lovely time so it was a nice way to celebrate and a chance to dress up a little bit too. 

On my last day, we headed to the farm shop which is somewhat on my way back to Nottingham. They sadly had a reduced menu so they didn't have my favourite and neither the meal, nor the service were that great. I was actually quite disappointed because it's always been amazing before. 

Back in Nottingham, I had two shifts before heading to Luke's and enjoying a day in bed whilst he did archery. In the evening we headed into Loughborough to go to the pub with some of his old high school friends. We had to leave early because I was on shift bright and early the next morning and after my last shift of the week, I headed back to Wakefield for a few days. It was genuinely the worst drive I've ever done. It took over 3 hours to get back and the M1 ended up getting closed due to a huge accident with helicopters. I was literally at a stand still for over an hour. 

Nevertheless, the carpets were put in on the Monday morning and then we moved and rebuilt furniture in the afternoon before hanging everything on the walls. On the Tuesday, I spent most of the day moving everything in and sorting out the conservatory. The reason for the huge delay was because of the new doors and we needed new doors because the conservatory is getting knocked down. The roof needs replacing and due to the cost its easier and simpler to convert it to a decking instead. Finally, Wednesday called for finishing touches and decorating. I am completely and utterly in love the room. I can't wait to spend more time in their and really feel like I have a safe and luxurious new place to call mine. I'm going to be sharing a full post with all the details later this week, here

As I explained last week, now I'm back at work, I'm not recording too much as I'm not doing a whole lot. This week's vlog was over the space of 3 weeks. I'm still not loving my new house so I'm spending as much time away from it as possible. It's just very dirty, some parts are broken and the bed is so spring-y I really struggle to sleep, but nevertheless, I'm feeling better about it all and it's nice to spend time out and about with friends too.

To end the week, I headed to the pub with some friends after archery. We went on a beautiful canal walk afterwards. It felt very romantic listening to the live music and watching the sunset after. I felt so at peace and happy. It was truly beautiful and such a perfect end to a not so great start of the vloggin period.