Pinocchio Live Action (Review)

I love a live action Disney film so I was excited for my first cinema trip since the pandemic!
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Pinocchio shares the story of a poor carpenter who creates a puppet, which turns into a characterised doll before turning into a "real" boy. It shares the story of his journey to maturity and truth, with some magic thrown in between.
The live action version was originally released in 2019 in Italian. Following the pandemic, it got released in the UK however, despite being originally filmed in Italian, the English is dubbed over the top of the tape. The actors all have strong Italian accents but the match to the speech movement isn't great. Similarly, the special effects graphics are a little dodgy but still enjoyable. Whilst both are very noticeable, I did find myself get used to them over the film and in all honesty, I didn't notice the speech delay/lag by the end of the film. 
The other strange thing was the animals, which they had turned into humans with animal-like qualities and details. I didn't actually grasp that until towards the end of the film so I did think the plot could be a little confusing at times.
Perhaps it was the simple fact I was exhausted and wanted to relax, or the comfy reclining seats, or just going to the cinema for the first time since February but I really enjoyed the film. It was a new take of the Pinocchio I know and loved (the cartoon version) but apparently, it was a unique twist on the original fairytale story so it was quite nice to get a little bit more into the history of the plot. The acting was also amazing. The actors captured the essence of the characters perfectly and portrayed them beautifully. 
Have you watched Pinocchio? Do you fancy seeing the live action version?