On That Ass: Underwear Subscription Box (Review)

Obviously these are men's underwear, but I loved the idea behind them and so I had to buy them for my boyfriend. His review was: "they're comfy, they're pants", but I'll go into a little more detail. 

On That Ass is a subscription that costs £8.99 per month, for a brand-new unique pair of boxer shorts in your mailbox every month. They are described as "top quality and a perfect fit" and I couldn't agree more. I got this pair completely free, as your first trial pair is free to see and feel firsthand what you'll be buying in the future. It is also really easy to unsubscribe, quick and painless. 

I really liked the packaging in that it didn't waste excess material. It was simple and perfect and matched the pants design. Whilst it used plastic, it was recyclable which I feel is important. It also came really quickly, in less than a week and fit right in my post box!
When you sign up, you get the option to go for a funky pattern with "Men's Original" or a simple colour with "Men's One". Usually, it's a surprise but for the first free trial, you can select one of three designs for each option. I loved the patterns but felt my other half would prefer a colour so I went with purple and green.

The boxer shorts are made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex to ensure a comfortable fit and the elastic waistband makes the shorts fit perfectly. Honestly, they looked amazing on and fit perfectly. I liked that they were long and the quality was really soft.
I also liked that they came with a little paper label. It gave some information on the company, as well as how to care for the product.
I love this unique subscription and I think the free trial is defintely worth it! Have you tried it or will you? Let me know what you think!


  1. I’m not sure if that is easy to unsubscribe . There are many people who been overcharged sane as me. Customer service was awful. Strategy feels like scam .


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