Bumboo: Toilet Paper Subscription Box (Review)

Back in July, I started a little mission to reduce my own plastic waste and the footprint I had on the environment. This was inspired by Plastic Free July which aims to provids resources and ideas to help you reduce single-use plastic waste everyday at home, work, school, and locally around the world. This series started with Wild deodorant and has moved onto supporting local and sustainable businesses like Scratch It Stationary and Pebble Child too. 
Bumboo is next on the list and it's a toilet paper company. The unique name carefully and cleverly explains the product; the toilet paper is made of bamboo that is described as "beautifully soft" and "reassuringly sustainable". I 100% agree that the paper is very soft and surprisingly thick. When I first opened it, I thought it looked quite thin but the paper has yet to rip or break on me. Bamboo has so many incredible benefits

The box that the toilet paper came in was very secure and perfectly fit the rolls. I ordered a smaller "free trial" where I paid for postage, however normally, UK delivery is free. I loved that upon opening the box, I was immediately met with the key credentials of the product: 100% bamboo, rapidly renewable, sourced from FSC certified co-operatives, kind to nature, tree free and plastic free. 
Of course, my favourite part was all the wrapping. I thought they were so pretty, unique and really went great in my bathroom (blue and grey themed coincidentally). Whilst some may see this as unnecessary packaging, the company answers the question by explaining that the wrappers have the benefit of keeping the each toilet roll hygienically dust and dirt free up until the time of use, as well as looking good in your bathroom too. The paper wraps are also made from FSC certified paper and printed with soybean based inks. Additionally, all packaging is fully recyclable and compostable. The full answer and more FAQs can be found here
I love the message behind the company and the product. I still personally prefer the a quilted roll but for the sustainability of the product, this definitely has the upper hand. I love that it's plastic free and tree neutral. The company plants a tree for every box purchased, through Eden Reforestation Projects, which employ local villagers to plant trees in areas devastated by the effects of deforestation.
Have you tried Bumboo or another recycled, sustainable toilet paper company? What do you think?