Scratch it Stationary Haul!

I've recently purchased some little bits and bobs from a small business on Facebook. The woman who runs it is so lovely and always so helpful so when I saw these little bracelets, I thought they would be perfect for the housemates, especially as we all head off to qualify. I was originally going to wait and get them for December but I couldn't hang on so I went ahead and bought them! 

There are lots of other lovely little bits and they are all really reasonably priced, although delivery does take a little while. Also, they're not quite perfectly made, but I love the idea behind them and the thought. Wish bracelets have always been my favourite concept and these are no different.
For Bea, I got her a little bee bracelet. Of course, it's her name but she's also vegan, obsessed with animals and it's her symbol.
For Clare, I got her a little flower. She loves plants and nature, so I thought a flower was a close comparison.
For Sam, a flamingo...of course. Her favourite animal in the world and it is so totally her.
For Vicki, a cocktail class. She loves beaches, sunbathing and relaxing with a drink in her hand, always.
And finally, for owl. If they had a dolphin, I probably would have gone for that but after finishing GSCEs, I got an owl charm for my Pandora bracelet, so for me it's always been some sort of a milestone charm.