Peaceful Nature, Nervous Interview and Redecorating Rooms!

After finally seeing some family, I reunited with loved ones after 4 long months apart!
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For the first time in over 4 months, I finally got to be reunited with my boyfriend and whilst it wasn't perfect - it never is! - it was still lovely and very much needed. We ended up going out to enjoy the sunshine at Elvaston Country Park. I was actually really impressed with it all and thought it was really pretty.

From there we headed to the pub near by. It was my first time eating at a restaurant inside since everything happened so it was an interesting experience. Honestly, I found it pretty annoying having to stick to a one-way system and didn't understand why we had to order at the bar still, but nevertheless, it was nice to eat out. Hopefully, it starts to feel more normal soon.
From there, we headed to a park in Long Eaton. It was gorgeous and I was actually really impressed with the large range of different facilities available. As we reached the end, we headed to a dessert shop to get warm cookie dough and other yummy dessert options...before getting into an argument. What's new! I was so tired and ready to go home but instead, Luke wanted to see every part of the park and I was just OVER it!
After chilling at home for a little while and getting upset at Luke leaving me again - lol! - I headed to bed early, aiming to get up early to prepare for my first ever job interview. Of course, I've had a few interviews for university and what not, but not for a job. As usual, I didn't get nervous until 5 minutes before when I somewhat started freaking out! In the end, the questions were relatively simple and nice, the staff conducting the interview were lovely and the way they spoke about the job (with the opportunities), made me want it even more. I really enjoyed the whole process and less than 2 days later, I found out...I got the job! I feel like everything is falling into place and it's all working out kind of perfectly. I cannot wait.
Not long after finishing, I headed to Wakefield. My first point of call was my nail appointment. I was absolutely in love with the colour and although slightly disappointed with the quality, happy overall. It was strange to have to sit for the hour with a face mask on but to be honest, despite somewhat freaking out when I first put it on - everytime! - after the first 10 minutes, it's usually okay and I felt much more comfortable by the end. For those asking for the colour, I'm sorry but I don't know. It is a Shellac product though, so my guess is Electric Orange! I wanted to take full advantage of my 3 weeks annual leave, as it's the last time I'll have painted nails before Christmas.
In the afternoon, mum, Jess and I headed to The Ivy in Leeds for an incredible meal out and it was amazing as usual. I didn't particularly think the restaurant was doing very good social distancing but other that that is was simple. They even took our temperatures at the door.
Mum sold both Jess and I on this chocolate bomb dessert and when it came it looked yummy but it wasn't my favourite if I'm honest. I ended up giving most of mine to mum and she devoured it! I ended up getting a little surprise pastry dessert instead for my birthday. It was nice to have a mini celebration, albeit just over a month late.
Mum joked that she hates people taking photos in the bathrooms so of course, I had to take advantage of that.
Afterwards, we headed to do some shopping! Over lock down, there was all sorts of problems at the farm house apparently. The electricity went out and the it turns out it was all linked to the wall in my room where squirrels had eaten through the wiring and also caused the shower to leak, which meant my entire wall was damp. In the meantime, mum had taken the opportunity to do some other makeovers around the house and I had to pick how I wanted to redecorate my room. I am going to share all about my little details and design soon so stay tuned for a post later this week! 
The next day, I headed to Next to have a look at some lighting but unfortunately couldn't find any. I tried to go to Ikea as well, but the queue was farrrrr too long and I was meeting a friend for lunch which was lovely. We ended up going to Pizza Hut because strangely, none of the other restaurants were open.
I also got some new clothes so a clothes haul will be coming soon!
This was the main project that they had been up to, with archway put between the kitchen and dining room and a sofa/seating area to watch television. I do think it looks nice but I think the red fridge looks very out of place and I'm not happy they sold my great Aunty Betty's table and chairs, especially because I could have used it in my new home in the near future.
I also took the car to the car wash and had a full valet clean. It looked beautiful afterwards and it's the first time I've cleaned it since last year too, and even that was only really a quick vacuum. It is funny how it looks so much more scratched now though, I can't blame it on the dust. Grandma was very impressed with how it looked!
Back to Nottingham for another weekend with my favourite man...