Auntie Fun, Lavender Fields and Chessington Trip!

I visited my niece and nephew and had so much fun!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below. There is also a vlog of the kids private here.
After finishing my hypnobirthing training course, I headed down to London to see my sister and her family. My niece and nephew are my pride and joy and I love spending time with them. Having only seen them very briefly, once this year, I was desperate to see them again so as soon as I broke up for annual leave, I'd planned to go. Annoyingly, annual leave changed somewhat and so because of that, I did end up having to frustratingly do some work in between the fun but it was still a great week.

On the first day, my niece and I played lots of fun board games and other games that I'd brought with me. It was a gorgeous day so we spent the majority outside, and then made some Soft Pretzels with my BakedIn Kit in the afternoon. I have shared a full review on the kit here so be sure to check it out!
My sister and her husband actually ended up taking the rest of the week off work, which was such a lovely surprise. After going shopping - and I use that term loosely - we headed to the pub. It was the first time I have been to a restaurant in over 4 months and it felt really strange. We had actually already eaten so we only got some snacks but regardless, it was nice to be out and lovely to see everyone being respectful and friendly.
The next day was somewhat sad for me. Because of the mix up with annual leave, I ended up having to do lectures 10am - 3pm on the Wednesday, so the family ended up going out for the full day to the beach. I'm really missing the beach so I would have personally have loved to gone too, but couldn't. Instead, I spent the day locked inside at my computer. During the breaks, I did enjoy throwing the ball to Tess the dog though, which was a nice opportunity to spend time outside in the sun.
She also kept me company whilst studying. I ended up getting starving as it neared 7pm, so I text my sister again to see where about's they were and they were going to McDonald's so of course, I jumped at the chance to get one! Oh my was amazing! I had been craving one since Mother's Day and I was so excited to have one again. Sadly, they weren't doing fish fingers, which are my favourite, but chicken nuggets was close enough to perfection.
I'd been seeing gorgeous pictures of the lavender fields on instagram and was really jealous by everyone going, so I decided to book it myself and treat the family. Whilst it wasn't quite what I expected, it was still very beautiful and peaceful. Having said that, it was £20 for 2 adults and 2 children, which last 40 minutes and we weren't allowed to pick any which was a shame. For what it was, I think it was very overpriced so I was quite disappointed and don't think I'll be going back with kids anytime soon. I was also quite sad that there was no sunflowers which I was really looking forward to.
When we got back, after lunch, watching television and playing some games, the kids finally wanted to tie dye with me! I'm going to be sharing the full experience soon, but here are the final results.
To end the week, we headed to Chessington: a World of Adventure. I'd never been before, but after looking it up online, I was really excited to go because they had such a range of activities available. I was quite surprised at how small it was when we got there, because whilst the map looked big, it was actually quite compact in reality. I was also very disappointed by the lack of respect people were paying to social distancing and covid laws. I found myself constantly pulling the kids away from people and trying to keep myself away, whilst others were seemingly ignoring the rules.
I loved looking around all the animals and was really disappointed to not be able to go on the Zoofari ride, through all the safari animals. I thought that looked to be the best part but the kids preferred the rides. To be honest, looking back, I probably should have just gone off by myself but it would have been a long time because the wait was 90 minutes and it was a long "ride". 
I'm honestly not a massive fan of rides, and by that I mean I don't like them at all. I really enjoyed the animals though and looking around them. I did manage to get on one ride that I wanted, which was the Gruffalo one. I still would have liked to do a few others, especially the Witch on the Broom too, but no one would go on that with me. And my niece dragged me onto this awful tall ride with swung you up and down. I thought I was going to loose my sunglasses, phone and dry clothes all at once!
When we finally got home, after a long but ultimately fun day out, I packed up my car, ate quickly and then headed off to Nottingham. I always hate leaving family, especially the kids, but until next time...