Welfare Wednesday: Stopping the Series

We're now well into the last half of 2020 and a brand new month. What a year it's been! It's also the end of my time as Welfare Officer of the Archery Club and likewise I feel the time has come to stop the specific Welfare Wednesday series on the blog. You can read all the posts here and there is a huge range of different topics which I have loved writing about.

However, I think over the past few week's it's become clear that some of the topics I want to write about, while welfare related aren't the same as how the series began and I want to adjust the focus a little to cover a broader scope. That doesn't mean I still won't be sharing on the topics I think are important, because of course I still will, but from a slightly different perspective.

Welfare is an incredibly important focus for me and it's something I've really tried to implement into all the activities I've organised and been a part of this year because it is a really vital area. In my time at the UoN Archery Club as Welfare Officer we ended up being chosen as one of the top Sports Clubs for Welfare and was recognised for this award. For me, even though not everyone may find all the posts important, for some people, they need the little reminders. Even if it just helps and supports one person, that makes me feel good about myself and worthwhile.
I think the image above is powerful. Often we are living in a chaotic work and feel like a mess but it's the little moments for self-reflection that are really important to help us sort through the confusion and realise our potential. I thought I would share some of the favourite posts for this year so far: