My New Bedroom Mood Board!

As I recently mentioned, following squirrels eating through the wiring and shower pipes I'm having to redecorate my entire bedroom at my mum's house so I thought I would share my design and mood board here!

I don't know how most people do it, but I plan and decorate around a staple piece. In this case, because my furniture was staying the same, I based my design around looking at curtains and wallpaper. I ended up falling in love with a wallpaper design and then went from there. It was a gorgeous geometric pattern with rose gold accents, between pink, grey and white!
From there, it was a decision of painting the rest of the walls the pink shade in the paper or the grey shade. Originally, I was going for the grey, with white furniture and pink accessories but once the paint sample - colour matched - was on the wall, the pink was really pretty. I'm not a girly girl as such, so I've never had a pink room but with the likelihood of living with a man for the rest of my life, a pink bedroom at this point seems like the last chance! So I decided on pink walls, except for the one feature wall, and then grey furniture.
I'm a little worried it may be too much grey but nevertheless, currently it's grey curtains but very simple. However, with 2 big glass french doors, I did want blackout curtains. I then chose the rose gold pole, holdbacks and rings
The carpet is amazing and so comfy and soft. There are some great eco-friendly carpet choices to select from. I was leaning more towards the pink carpet because of how much furniture is grey but my mother decided it would get dirty too easily so instead settled on the sparkly grey, which captures the light to look a little pink. Luckily, the trim is going to be rose gold and I'm spray painting the other metal work rose gold too.

I also decided to bring in the rose gold with the details. The furniture will have rose gold gem handles. I'm hoping for rose gold lights too, but it's turning into a little bit of a nightmare. I've been looking online but struggling to match a chandelier and lamps, whilst also finding a multiple light chandelier because the rooms quite dark and big.

Finally, the last piece selected so far is the pink chair with rose gold details.
I'm also hoping to add some artwork and other rose gold details on my shelving unit.

I think it's going to be gorgeous. Very girly but also very romantic and a paradise, where I won't be interrupted by others.