Staunton Reservoir, Conwy Castle and Canal Walks!

A couple of busy weekends with my love.
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It's been a busy two weekends and I've enjoyed every moment. After heading back to Nottingham, the heat wave finally hit, at least for a few days. I headed out to the pub with some archery friends to celebrate ones friends new job and another leaving to complete their PhD at a new university. It was honestly, the hottest and sweatiest day ever and I was an absolute mess. The next day, we headed to Luke's parents house and had a lovely barbecue with with parents and grandparents.

The next day was a lovely day and we headed to a couple of reservoir's with Staunton Reservoir as the last. It was beautiful and really pretty. It had some lovely sailing boats on the water, a little beach and three different pathways: wildflower, forest and water front.
 Afterwards, we headed to Luke's grandparents and I sunbathed whilst watching him shoot. I miss archery, I really do, but it's just not the same anymore.
From there, I headed back to my house and said goodbye. I was meant to be reuniting with housemates but after waiting a little while and some cancelled plans, I headed to see Luke for a lunch date instead and then headed to Wales. It was nice to be reunited with the garden and grass, plus I enjoyed some much needed relaxation days.
I also fell more and more in love with my new Next dress. It was gorgeous on the Friday so I spent the afternoon sunbathing and reading a book outside.
After being somewhat angry with Luke for setting off late, he only ended up arriving a little later than expected so I quickly forgave him and had the most perfect weekend ever.
In the morning, we started to head to Conwy. We were discussing what we both wanted to do the day before and whilst I wanted a beach, he wanted a castle and so it seemed the perfect place. It was so amazing to see the sea and the drive up was absolutely beautiful. I've been thinking about how beautiful the UK is as I've been driving on motorways a lot and I'm constantly amazed at how lovely the roads are surrounded by forests and greenery.
We started by walking around the walls at Conwy Castle, before venturing into the town centre and harbour. It was really beautiful. It is so surreal to see a castle next to a beach and sea but I loved it. I also loved seeing Luke enjoy himself...a rarity! 
The castle itself was really beautiful too. We had thought it was closed to visitors as that was what the internet had said, but in the end, it turned out that it hadn't, although I think it had only opened recently, either that week or even that day. When we tried to book the tour, it was sadly completely sold out for the entire week, but nevertheless, we still got to enjoy it from the outside. To be honest, I wasn't too fussed because I don't particularly like them in the first place and also I do not enjoy wearing a mask.
Onto the beaches. We ended up doing a little bit of a tour, starting with Conwy Morfa Beach. This was smaller beach that was mainly just for a local stationary home park. It was really pretty and I loved the mountainous backdrop for the coastline. It was relatively quiet but I didn't enjoy the steep walk to the shore line.
We then moved on Rhos-on-Sea Beach which was a shorter and not a very sandy patch. It had a sea wall bordering and really we only went because Luke wanted an ice-cream! We didn't stay for long before moving onto the next so I could paddle and have fun in the sand. I love the sea and beach, so Having a little photoshoot is my favourite.
Finally, Colwyn Bay Beach and without a doubt the best. I managed to convince Luke to finally paddle in the water and once he was in, I couldn't get him out! We also parked right next the beach, for free because it was after 4pm by this point.
We then headed back and I was completely exhausted. I tried to close my eyes on the drive back and maybe got 15 minutes or so but the power nap did a little bit of the trick. We each had a quick shower to remove the stickiness and then glammed up for a lovely meal at the local village restaurant. I want black with pink glam and Luke was not! When we got back, I was exhausted and then started to feel so sick and poorly. I ended up leaving the bedroom and stayed downstairs for a few hours before heading back up. I didn't feel the best in the morning but after a few hours, I felt good again, thankfully. A bacon sandwich and canal walk did the trick.
My dad's recently joined the canal volunteer team to keep it navigable by both the water and pedestrian footpath. I actually think the canal is gorgeous and my favourite place to walk because it's mostly flat.
I just think where the trees overlap and fall over the canal are gorgeous. Plus, with lots of sheep and cows at either side, it's my happy place.
For some reason, we ended up going on a circular route off the canal, rather than back the same way. We ended up walking past a private airport which had some good views but nevertheless, the walk was awful. Very rocky and very overgrown. It also took a lot longer than anticipated so we didn't get home until gone 3pm, so Sunday lunch was a little delayed. It ended up being ready just after 4.30pm and then we had an hours break before dessert, before Luke leaving.
Lockdown was hard for me in terms of the relationship. I was really struggling towards the end and found us constantly arguing on the phone. These past two weeks have made everything worthwhile. I feel completely in love, beyond happy and excited to see where the future takes us.