Tie Dye Kit (Review) and Huge Mistake!

I have always loved seeing people tie dye clothes and I've never done it myself, so when I went to see my niece and nephew, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to do something fun in the sun! I bought a cheap kit from Amazon by FabLab and then bought some white shirts from Fruit of the Loom in appropriate sizes.
The kit came with 2 pairs of gloves which was a bit of a shame, so I had a pair and then each of the kids had one. Then when I was washing them out, I just did them glove free but my hands didn't get died too much and washed off after less than 24 hours. It came with lots of elastic bands and then 4 colours. The colours were really bright even though they were filled to the top and diluted to the maximum with water, and worked perfectly, although perhaps more variation in colours would have been better. It says it would do 5 kids shirts or less if adult garments, but realistically, I think it could do at least 10! We did 2 kids shirts and an adult shirt and had at least 3/4s left in all the bottles and we saturated the material so we weren't stingy!
I showed the kids some pictures online and they got to select which one they wanted. I then drenched the shirts and explained to them how to fold the shirts, which they did completely by themselves! From there, I helped with the elastic bands which were a little tricky, and then we got stuck in. I popped them back in the plastic bags and left them out in the sun for 8 hours to "cure" before rinsing them in the sink and washing them on a cold wash.
The finished results were gorgeous! From left to right, these were completely made by a 24 year old, a 7 year old and a 3 year old, with very little help (except for putting on elastic bands). I am really impressed with how they turned out and will defintely be doing it again...albeit learning from mistakes.
My sister wasn't too impressed with me. I had asked if she wanted me to do it on paper or not, but she said I could do it on the patio and then when she saw what we were doing had a bit of a panic as it was porous and likely to stain. To be honest I didn't really think about it and realistically, I thought it was quite pretty but nevertheless, the fun project got cut short as she put washing up liquid and brushed to get it off as quick as possible. Yikes!

Have you tie dyed before? Give it a go and let me know what you think!