LipSense in a Week!

I've never done this type of post before but with a crazy busy week just gone, I thought it would be fun to share my makeup, and especially LipSense colours, of the week. I think it's so fun creating unique and amazing makeup looks, but sometimes simple is sweet. With a busy and packed schedule, I went light and natural with the makeup. With all these looks, I wore the following and switched up the lip colour!

  • MakeSense Original Foundation in Ivory 
  • Colour Correcting Concealer in Light 
  • Transluccid Powder in Natural 
  • BlushSense in Pouty Pink 
  • LipSense Gloss in Glossy 

For a day at home, I paired my favourite Amazon dress purchase with Goddess LipSense, which is a beautiful matte soft pink, with a touch of lilac.
For my first meal out since lockdown, it was Rose All Day. This is a limited edition shade which has a frosted metallic finish, over a copper gold shade.
 For my study day, it called for a pop of colour with this muted matte rosey pink.
For the lavender fields, I really should have worn purple but I didn't think! Instead, I went with my all time favourite colour of Honey Rose, with the amber frost.
 For a full day out at Chessington, I went even simpler with just a swipe of lip balm.
For the day I met my boyfriend for the first time in 4 months, I couldn't annoy him with a lip gloss so again, a lip balm day and perfect for keeping the lips kiss ready 24/7!
For a chill day, Pink Champagne. This is a gorgeous subtle colour described as a barely there pink, but I love it. I also added a touch more colour to my face for this look, with Transluccid Powder in Bronze Dust under my cheek bones and on my forehead. What do you think?
Finally, for my interview, I went with Pink Champagne again! I wanted to have a lip colour without being too daring and because I'd only packed a handful of shade, Pink Champagne it was.
Which look is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!