Dollar Shave Club (Review)

I bought this kit a few months ago now and I fell in love; it has well and truly changed by shaving game for the better. The Dollar Shave Club is a subscription box selling personal care products, although specialising in shaving. I recieved the Shaving Starter Kit which came with a razor, 4 blades and 3 travel sized products (Prep Scrub, Shave Butter and Post Shave Dew). However, now the Starter Kit just comes with the razor, 4 blades and Shave Butter...still a bargain! 
The box came really quickly after ordering and I love the recycled box which I could also reuse myself. It also came with two little leaflets, one with information about the products in the box and the other had information regarding sustainability. It's great to see a company supporting that mission and improving the global environment through commitment. 
The razor was incredible. Often people think that these sorts of razors are for men only, but the truth is women can use them too! It is a heavy-weight aluminum so lasts a long time and it's quality holds up. The weight means that the blade glides easily and smoothly when shaving, for an even pressure. The rubber grip means it doesn't become slippy when wet so it doesn't fall out of your hand either. I also quite like the substantial size of it, simply because it's easier to hold and maximises comfort. I've taken cheap disposable razors on holiday since transitioning to this kit and the shave quality is very poor in comparison and doesn't last anywhere near as long. I also find it quite difficult to even hold the razor because the weighting is so different!

The blade is something else that has been well thought out and executed. There are six blades for laser-like hair removal and an aloe lube strip for a soft finish. The flexible head further allows the blade to contour to your surfaces precisely. When I looked up what the company wrote about it, they also mentioned it had a "built-in trimmer for exacting detail", however I'm not sure about that.
I've only every used Shaving Foam (or conditioner at a push!) to shave before, so these three products were new to me. I absolutely love all of them, but especially the Scrub and Butter, the Post Shave Dew I could probably live without. I've used all three of them with the razor, as well as the razor separately, and you defintely get a better shave with the products. 

The Prep Scrub is really gentle and a lovely product. I used it when I was in the bath when my legs were already wet. A little goes a long way so even the travel size last a good couple of months for me. The Shave Butter was amazing! I was worried at first that I wouldn't like it because I wouldn't be able to see where I'd shaved, but despite it being clear, you can see a subtle texture change from where it is shaved. It feels like silk as you glide the razor over and it gives a really close shave! Finally, the Post Shave Dew is another product I like, mostly because of the smell. It's really light weight, whilst still being moisturising, and it has a clean and relaxing fragrance to top it off. I think moisturiser works just as well, but without the scent so not necessary but lovely bonus. 
I absolutely love this entire collection and I won't be turning back. If you want to buy your own, you can get the Starter Kit for just £5 here. When you sign up for the Club to get your Starter Set or Sets and select your Restock Frequency. Your trial size products will arrive in approximately 4-8 working days, before the full size products arrive in your first Restock Box. You can see when your Restock Box is scheduled to be processed on your Account Page after signing up and can change this accordingly. I will defintely be buying again, probably every 4 months, at least for blade refills at the very least.

Have you tried Dollar Shave Club or another shaving club before? I've also tried Dorco Eve Razors which was specifically for females and I liked it but I feel that this is higher quality and more substantial. Let me know what you think in the comments.