Smol: Laundry Subscription Box (Review)

Following on from last week's post on Bumboo, this week I am reviewing Smol! Smol creates high performing, eco-friendly cleaning products which are conveniently delivered to your home at affordable prices. 

The products are efficient and affordable, whilst not missing out on quality or sustainability. The products are uniquely plastic-free and fully recyclable wherever possible, or can be returnable for reuse. The boxes are Forest Stewardship Council® approved which means the board comes from responsibly managed forests. Printing also uses vegetable-based inks. Similarly, they are animal cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified.
I love the unique way the deliveries are completed. I got a free trial where I simply paid £1 delivery, for 9 tablets. You can also fill in a survey where you answer questions about frequency of washing and then the tablets are delivered when needed. You can also pause shipment or take holiday breaks when needed too. I found this feature really useful and also clever. If you consistently do washes regularly, you know when and how many you will use, therefore there's no stock overload and no wastage. I like that I remain in control!

The box also came with a double sided leaflet which shared helpful information on the company and how to use.
The packaging is very unique and something I haven't seen before. The size is perfect and fits right in your letterbox, meaning you don't have to be in for delivery. The capsules are small because of the effective concentrated nature of the ingredients. 

Despite only being made of cardboard, they still include a new child-lock mechanism to impede access to younger children. Honestly, despite the instructions and images explaining, it took a while for me to work it out too so it is defintely safe! You can only open the packaging to a certain level which means realistically it would be difficult to get move than one out at a time. 
I'm always a little skeptical when trying new products, especially cleaning products because I know and love the ones I use, and I know that they work. Having now finished the pack, I feel comforted and safe using this products. My washing comes out smelling clean but not overpowering, just fresh. I haven't had any big stains to remove as of yet so I can't comment on that just yet, but I do like them!
Interestingly, I've only tried the laundry detergent, but I am excited to try the dishwasher tablets when I use a dishwasher one day. I've also seen, since I've purchased these, they've now expanded to fabric softener as well. I've actually never used fabric softener, but perhaps I will also try that. 

Have you tried a cleaning product like this yet? For just £4.50 per 24 capsule pack, I think it's a great price and love the service. You can find more of the FAQs, and also get a free trial. Let me know what you think!