Going to the Cinema after the Pandemic!

Going to the cinema for the first time since the pandemic felt very strange. We wanted to get out of the house but it was also raining and pretty cold, and I needed some time to relax and chill. The cinema seemed like the perfect option but I wasn't very excited to wear a mask for the entire length of the film. After speaking to one of the midwife's at work, she said you could take it off to eat and drink, and no one really checked, so I felt much better.

Looking at the options, I was a little disappointed at the film selection to be honest but Pinocchio was the one that jumped out at me. It was showing at the Showcase de Lux for just £5 per ticket and the reclining chairs sold it. I was actually looking forward to the last minute film choice but I'll share my review on Friday!
I booked the tickets online as required and had an option to add a drink. It was only a little bit more to upgrade from small to large so I thought why not. I was also thinking ahead that I could then, always be drinking and have my mask off. Obviously not the greatest thought plan during a pandemic but with three seats between each booking party and complete sanitation of seating, I did feel very safe and most people had their masks off for the duration. Back to the drink, when she handed me the cup, it was huge! I literally couldn't even carry it. I had to use two hands when it was full.
Also, the toilets had been kept very clean with alternative cubicles and sinks blocked off. Interestingly, they'd also turned off all the hand dryers and converted to paper towels. I do prefer the latter but do find it sad with the waste of paper and environmental damage.
Overall, I felt really safe the entire time and despite the changes, it actually felt normal. If anything, I preferred the contactless approach and appreciated the fast and easy route through the complex. I will defintely be going back when the next set of films are released.