Scentsy: Sample Bundle (Review)

As you can see for the picture, I've had this bundle for a long time (2018!) but I still want to share my thoughts and share the product. 

Scentsy is a company with distributors, not dissimilar to my business at Hannah's Lips UK, who specialise in wick-less candles and scented fragrance wax for either electric candle warmers and or diffusers. I am personally not a fan on candles because of the smoke created and chemicals released so I think it's a great alternative. There's also less chance of a fire hazard if you use an electric warmer. 
I received a wax melt for Christmas and so wanted to try some scents out before buying the full size products. Sam very generously sent some gorgeous scents and with 7 fragrance families to choose from they were perfect for me. Out of Bakery, Citrus, Floral, Fresh, Fruity, Spice and Woods, I obviously choose Fruity and Citrus for my favourite smells.
Vanilla Bean Buttercream: despite being an incredible scent, this decadent buttercream frosting makes me far too hungry to use regularly. It is perfect for the baking lovers and it is a gorgeous smell though. I would say this is the strongest out of the three!

Mandarin Splash: this was a new fragrance from the Scentsy Spring Summer 2018 Catalog. Described as rogue mandarin with fresh light woodsy notes, I actually really like this one. It was probably my favourite out of  all of them. I loved the citrus notes and didn't get a strong wood scent.

Give Me Passionflower: described as "a luscious luau of dewy passion fruit, fresh-cut mango and wild hibiscus to conjure up an evening at an exotic island soiree" I did enjoy this one. I loved the colour and it went in my bedroom perfectly. I would happily use it again but I would probably say it's a little too floral for me. Floral scents tend to give me headaches but this one didn't so much, however I would still be careful.

Overall, I really enjoyed the wax melts and thought that despite the small sample size, the scents were strong and lasted a decent amount of times. They also re-hardened so that I was able to reuse them at a later date, whilst also coming out easily to be able to switch scents in between. I can't wait to get some more but I will be waiting until I move house.