Top Tips: Decorating your University Bedroom

As people are preparing for university and about to move in to student accommodation, for maybe the first time, I thought that I would share my top tips to make your new university bedroom I home away from home.

Having lived in student accommodation for almost 6 years, I think I have a fair bit of experience and have done so in a range in environments: student halls thrice (London and Nottingham), London flats and houses.

Tip 1: Add colour!
It's quite well known that rooms tend to be white, bare blank canvas'. I would recommend picking some nice colour to add that pop. I went for blue accents but you could also go for patterns in bedding or wall hangings. You could also get a soft rug as the carpets can be a bit harsh.
Tip 2: Bring pictures or collage wall. 
Being away from home, family and friends can cause homesickness so having pictures to remind can be really great. For my first year, I had two collage frames but I also love photo collage walls put on with Blu Tac.
Tip 3: Pillows and blankets. 
You can add texture to a room by using pillows and blankets. It also made me feel more comfortable and I liked having all the throw pillows to cuddle.
Tip 4: Command hooks and strips! 
If you've never heard of or using command hooks and strips, you're missing out. They are amazing! You can hang up anything and everything, temporarily or permanently, without leaving a mark on the wall. It's perfect for short terms contracts (a year or less) and also

Tip 5: Plants. 
A potted plant or two, a succulent or a cactus can really improve the vibe of a room. I've only added this in recently and I love how it adds life to a room, whilst also improving oxygenation of the accommodation.
Tip 6: Fairy Lights. 
My final tip is to add fairy lights. Fairy lights work to add light, excitement and texture to the room.
What's your number one tip? Don't forget to check out some of the other posts linked above for more inspiration.