Welfare Wednesday: Homesickness

🏑 This week is International Week at the University of Nottingham, thanks you the International Student Network so today we’re talking about homesickness.

🏑 Moving away to university - leaving behind friends, family and familiar places - is a big step for anyone and it's not unusual to feel homesick. It can affect anybody, whether you're a home or international student; it doesn't matter whether your university is just a few miles from your home town or on the other side of the world.

🏑 Homesickness is a feeling of stress or anxiety caused by separation from people and places that you know. It is usually worse after a prolonged period of time at home. Luckily, it is usually only a short-term issue.

🏑 You may have difficulty sleeping, feel isolated or anxious and have low self-esteem. You may have mixed emotions, from anger to sadness. You may struggle with headaches, no appetite and lack of concentration. It’s important to recognise these early signs and act upon them because it can lead to severe depression otherwise.

🏑 Integrating yourself into the university experience is a great way to help you get over it. Stay busy and distracted. Join university clubs (hello Archery!) and societies. Make new friends, with like-minded individuals. Exercise, eat well and regulate your sleep. Try to avoid bottling up your emotions and locking yourself away in your room. Don't miss lectures and seminars. Be careful about becoming reliant on alcohol.

🏑 There is plenty of support available should you need it. You can start straight away with your GP or there is Nightline available at unsociable hours and can often give comfort.