Welfare Wednesday: Mental Health

🧠 For today’s Welfare Wednesday post we want to talk about mental health. This is especially important as tomorrow is the University of Nottingham's internal Mental Health Day and there is a series of events running all week!

🧠 Whilst students entering higher education are now fives times more likely to disclose a mental health condition, research suggests that there is still significant under-reporting.

🧠 Stigma, discrimination and neglect prevent care and treatment from reaching people with mental disorders. Many of this stems from lack of understanding.

🧠 There have been advances to better understanding over recent years. We now have greater compassion and understanding, but we still need to continue to educate society and families about mental illness, and the need to have empathy for those who suffer.

🧠 Mental illness is not a personal failure. In fact, if there is any failure, it is a failure in society’s response to mental illness.