James Blunt, 100th Rhubarb Show and Sustainability Awards!

During February, I had a busy few weeks with some huge milestones and great achievements.
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I finally started my baby hat with Knit and Knatter! I've been given a pattern so hopefully I can finish it soon.
For the first time in over 2 years, I headed to a concert. I saw the beautiful Ward Thomas supporting the incredible James Bunt. For one person to own the stage so well was incredibly. I will be sharing a full concert video and review soon so stay tuned!
I took Luke back home for the weekend. We enjoyed the 100th Rhubarb Show and Dinner Dancer Celebrations. It was a truly wonderful night to see everyone at the sold out event and it was amazing to share it with Luke. I got to see so many old faces and even more special was having a table with family and loved ones.
Once again I got to be the steward and I am pleased to say it ran very smoothly. Luke even entered 3 of the categories and ended up winning 2nd place for the savoury dish.

Luke and I also thoroughly enjoyed our HUGE hotel room. It really was gorgeous.
When we got back to the farm, we enjoyed a walk around with the dog and a look in with the pigs. I think Luke loved it although he did get a bit scared at one point.
It was the University of Nottingham Mental Health Day. Despite being on placement, I raced down during my break to join in with the celebrations and share some clips to our Nursing and Midwifery Association social media to support the day and do some of the activities. I also got to vote for the Interprofessional Learning Masterclass poster presentations. It was great to see their work..but a shame that no midwives were included!

Finally, after my second of three shifts in a row, I headed to the Sustainability Awards. Amazingly, the NMA not only won a Silver Award but I won a Student Achievement Award and our coach Traci won a Staff Achievement Award too. It was a great night and I only wish I'd have had more energy to enjoy it.

It was quite a hectic two weeks because I'd also found out my dad had had a mild heart attack and my Uncle didn't have long left to live which was sad, but he had lung cancer which had spread over a long period of time.