Coronavirus and my Update!

I think the whole world is currently being massively affected by the impact of the coronavirus. We see it all day every day. We see it in the news. We see it on social media. We see it literally everywhere and it's all most people can talk about.

Whilst it is important we all band together and follow government advice and guidelines during this time, I also think it is incredibly important that it doesn't take all of our focus. As scary as it is - and it really is - it is also important that we enjoy the positive things in life each day and continue to live (albeit to a different degree).
I've been absent from the blogging world a little - once again! - because life just got crazy but I think the downtime I've had recently has given me the opportunity to reset. I'm back blogging but I don't want it all to be about the coronavirus the entire time. I want this platform to be something it has always been: "My little corner of safety in this scary world we call home." That's not to say I won't be touching on it at all but I don't want it to become a focus.

So as of next week, we have lots of exciting posts coming your way! I am changing the schedule just a little but it will still be the same old me, just with some different series in the mix!
  • Sunday's will now be the weekly vlogs! 
  • Monday's will be Midwifery Monday!
  • Wednesday's will be continuing with the Welfare Wednesday posts. 
  • Friday's will be Freedom for anything and everything...those promised posts may be coming soon.