Girls Night, PIT Stop and Lake Bala!

Before all the chaos, I enjoyed some much needed downtime in Wales!
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With lockdown restrictions on the rise, I thought it was about time I made the effort to see some friends again, before we wouldn't be allowed. Nottingham has the highest number of cases in the UK and despite the university arguing it's due to asymptomatic testing, it's still scary. I feel like I've been pretty safe and not been mixing with lots of different people but it is what it is. 

I ended up going out for tea with Bridget and having not wanted to go back to my temporary accommodation, I instead messaged to see if I could call at a friends. I went to Sam and Vicki's flat to chill for a few hours and watch the coffee cupcakes get finished. It was a lot of fun and I feel so much more comfortable there than in the house. Luckily, I'm hopefully moving soon, if not already by the time this post goes live! 

I ended up having three shifts next to each other, which meant I had a few days off at the end of the week, so I headed to Wales. It was very peaceful but surprisingly busy. I had forgotten and organised a few meetings so I actually had bits to do every day. On the Saturday we chilled at home and Sunday was PIT Stop. 
For those who have been long time readers, you may remember when I headed to Birmingham for PIT Stop for the first ever UK version. It is usually an in-person training weekend. Of course, this year was virtual and just 8 hours long instead. Still it was interesting, if not all that inspiring in the end. I also thought it was great that we got a free product worth £20 so although I didn't learn much, I still made the most of the ticket cost. I think it's hard to convey the same messages over the internet which is a shame.
After being stuck inside all day, it was a nice settled evening so I went to read on the balcony outside for a little before it got too chilly and I got too hungry. Apart from a couple of meetings on Monday and Tuesday, for ID checks and EU requirements for completion, the rest of the time was very relaxing. I watched the entire season of "Emily in Paris" the first week it came out! Dad and I also went to Lake Bala. It was a little less impressive than I had anticipated. It was also a shame you couldn't walk around most of it, but nevertheless very peaceful and some much needed fresh air and exercise. 
The short trip ended with a yummy tea and then I headed back to Nottingham for another hectic week!