The Wonder Circus (Review)

The Wonder Circus was a completely last-minute decision on the way back from a day trip to Skegness. To be quite honest, I was exhausted and didn’t have very high expectations, so I was very shocked to enjoy it – almost – from start to finish. We ended up paying the extra pound to sit front row ring side and I don’t necessarily think it was needed. I think because it was so quiet, we would have had a good view anyway and for some of the acts, sitting further away would have actually been beneficial.
The tent is climatized meaning that despite the humid and hot weather, inside felt cool and a nice temperature. The seats were very hard and uncomfortable, and they were packed very closely together. I’m pretty short and I struggled to sit without my knees having to be at weird angles. Luckily, the show was very quiet and with no one seated behind us, we pushed our seats all the way back, so we could at least somewhat, extend our legs for the 2 hour duration of the show.

With the incredible success of The Greatest Showman, many of the songs and jokes originated back the film and the lead even dressed as Hugh Jackman. While it wasn’t quite as crisp or as talented in the acts, I was very impressed for £12 a ticket. When the clown originally came out I thought we were going to be in for a terrible show of spoofs and dad humour. Luckily, he was the worst of them all.

The first song featured most of the cast and with the acrobatics starting high on the ribbons, it was an all-out dance sequence. I think while they were a duo and were supposed to be synchronised, they’d obviously both trained very differently, and one had far more experience so struggled to keep up. It was a little bit of a shame but nevertheless, ruggedly beautiful.
Next up was the “pole man”. I’m not sure what I was expecting when they introduced him, but he was very talented. His first act was balancing and strength on a pole and it was incredible. But his second act of juggling was incredible. To juggle 8 balls! Wow. He made it exciting, engaging, challenging and awe-inspiring. I would go again, just to watch him!

Hula hooping is something I’ve never been able to do but with so many hoops! I think it’s hard to keep a circus going with animals no longer being condoned or promoted within. To stay relevant and popular is hard and I know so many circus’ have closed because of the lack of public coming. I think The Wonder Circus has tried really hard to entertain a range of audience members and I really loved it.

Of course, the clown made a few reappearances throughout the night with water spray guns – yes, we got wet – and tightrope walking. Although admittedly it was not very high, he did it blindfolded which was pretty impressive.
Next up was balancing on lots of wobbly items, followed by a pirate scene with magic tricks. The precarious towers scared me, and I worried but he was very secure in his ability and clearly loved doing it. While magic had always amazed me. I don’t want to think or learn the tricks because it will take away the sparkles.
Then came another hula hoop trick but it got dangerous with ceiling walking and another dangerous act came after with roller skating and couple tricks.
Finally, it concluded with an animal act. With sawdust lining the arena, I assumed animals would be involved at some point…and not just the camel that entertained the children earlier. There ended up being 8 horses (4 being ponies), who did almost dressage like stunts, however included rearing and bowing which made me somewhat sad. Nevertheless, they look overweight so must be cared for and appeared well cared for.
Overall, I really enjoyed it. It was the perfect way to end my day trip date to Skegness. I thought the acts were unique with all the cast very talented. It’s somewhat annoying that they only accept cash so make sure you take enough for tickets, food and drinks…especially as you can’t consume your own. Definitely go if you get the chance!