Wimbledon 2019!

I headed to London for my annual Wimbledon trip!
Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

After a busy few days spending so much time with L, it felt strangely sad to wake up without him. I woke up bright and early, quickly getting ready for the journey ahead and packed my suitcase. I was ready ridiculously early, and even had time for breakfast before locking up the house and heading out to get my Uber. Thank god I vlog because I completely forgot all about the tickets I needed to grab for Wimbledon.

I love Wimbledon and I’ve been since I first moved to London 5 years ago. It’s become a much loved annual tradition and I look forward to it every year. Once of the train, I contacted mum because my train was running late, but it turned out her train was too. In the end, she only got there 20 minutes before I did and after searching for her at our meeting place for 10 minutes, I rang out. She claimed she was there but so was I and I’d looked everywhere. Turns out, she decided to hide behind a huge pillar. Absolute idiot!
Once we’d finally found each other and greeted each other, we set off to the hotel. It was quite a pleasant journey. It was just one tube for about 30 minutes, followed by a short 10 minute walk, which was quite refreshing. We grabbed some drinks in the hotel bar as it wasn’t quite time to check-in yet, then we dropped our luggage off and walked up toward Wimbledon centre to meet up with some friends for a late lunch.
It was nice to catch up and chat, but it was the longest walk ever. We then walked around looking at all the window displays which is one of my favourite things to do, before stopping at another bar for more drinks. We didn’t end up getting back until gone 8pm so it was a long few hours in the heat.

Mum’s friend speaks a lot of sense and as we were discussing smoking she pointed out that so many people care what they look like on the outside with makeup, surgery, facials etc. but not what they look like on the inside with obesity, smoking etc. It’s so true and I think my mum has finally seen some sense when it comes to smoking. Hopefully she’ll quit soon but I’m not holding out much hope. I’ve heard it all be said before and nothing has ever come from it. I think for someone to quit smoking, they have to want it for themselves as they won’t do it if it’s because of someone else.

Once back, I quickly filmed a room tour before unpacking, getting ready for bed and going through some pictures from Skegness, while mum watched the ridiculousness of Love Island. It’s such a foul show and literally everyone I know watches it.
The next day, we woke up for Wimbledon! We always tend to go in the first few days because 1) you are usually guaranteed centre court tickets, although this was the first year I didn’t get them 2) it’s far cheaper and 3) you see so much more tennis because you also have the outside courts which usually have a lot of good players on, and sometimes even the champion. We walked up, calling in at Greggs on the way for both breakfast and lunch, then continued up the hill on the short 30 minute walk to the grounds. It was a very smooth queuing system this year and amazingly, despite setting off 20 minutes later than I’d wanted, we still made it in time for the first match and even had seats. It was perfect.

First up, Heather Watson defeated Caty McNally on Court 12. Thankfully, we got seats and were able to enjoy the whole match. It’s such a special experience cheering on fro a GBR player!

On Court 1, play started with Simona Halep and Aliaksandra Sasnovic. It was a surprisingly close match in the end with some incredible shots from both players.

The only men’s match I watched in full was between Jiri Vesely and Alexander Zverev. It was a shock match with the seeded player going out in the first round!

Finally ended the day with Cori Gauff and Venus Williams. Cori is 15 years old and I am still in complete shock that she beat 39 year old Venus. It was magic watching the match and incredible emotional. We all clapped, cheering and cried together. Extraordinary talent.

After trying to watch a couple of the outside matches finish for almost an hour, we decided to head back to the hotel for tea at the restaurant. It was a pleasant walk back. The weather had been nice all day but not too hot so despite somehow managing to burn my knees, it’d been a pleasant day.
I wasn’t particularly hungry, so ordered two sides of fries and mac n’ cheese balls. It was all super yummy and after seeing the dessert menu, I HAD to have the brownie too. It was amazing. It reminds me so much of Bill’s brownie, so I will definitely have to go back again at some point…assuming they’ll still have it on the menu?!
Tuesday meant a lie in. I was desperate for sleep by this point and amazingly, I slept the whole way through the night. It was pretty blissful. Mum ended up waking me up with coffee, kettles and farts at 9am, but despite everything, I still felt rested. As she left for her morning coffee, I got ready in the room and then packed my suitcase, so we were ready to check-out when she got back. Then we made our way back to central London but this time to Leicester Square for lunch at The Ivy. Somehow in my rushed state of booking, I’d booked the wrong version but nevertheless, the food was very yummy albeit, very overpriced. We just got mains and drinks then decided to head to Covent Garden for coffees and desserts.

I love walking around Covent Garden. I love the street performers, the buskers and the atmosphere. Most of all, I love the garden nature, the plants and the benches. It’s beautiful. We walked down to Lola’s Cupcakes afterwards and my cupcake was delicious as always. I loved the Pride themed boxes they had. Mum’s coffee cup also had the design, but she threw it away before I had the chance to snap a picture.

I then dropped her off at Kings Cross at her train, before heading over to St Pancras for mine. I had just under an hour to kill so I did some window shopping first, took some photographs on my camera and then bought some cards from Paperchase. Unfortunately, I hadn’t realised my camera hadn’t got a memory card in so boo but nevertheless, it was a pretty way to pass the time before boarding and heading back to Nottingham. It was a super quick turn around with unpacking, repacking and driving to Chesterfield in a matter of hours but nevertheless, I made it safe and sound ready to start my working week off with 3 13 hour shifts in a row!