10 Top Tips for Wimbledon Tennis Championships!

Having now been to Wimbledon for a number of years I can honestly say I've loved each and every championship. It's such an incredible tennis scene and I love being able to not only watch the incredible tennis but also experience the atmosphere. I thought I'd finally share some top tips!

  1. Membership. If you love tennis and really want to go, I would defintely recommend getting either an annual or lifetime membership to your local tennis authorities (for example, mine is with Yorkshire Tennis). This guarantees you two Wimbledon tennis tickets per year and you get to apply for them and choose your top 3 dates and seats. I've always got either my first or second choice which is great. 
  2. Always get tickets for the first week. You'll see at least one of the big named players, but you'll also get access to the outside courts where there will be play on every single one. The winner of the championship may even be out there! 
  3. Arrive bright and early so you can get seats and be ready for an 11am start time. While the Centre Court and Court One matches never start until 1pm, the outdoor courts start playing at 11am and it's a great opportunity to get you back into tennis. 
  4. Allow time. The queues to get into the ground are always long and security do a full ticket and thorough bag check before letting anyone in. 
  5. Take a sunhat, suncream and a jacket. Even when it looks cloudy the sun can still get you so ensure you are prepared. Also, the seats of the arenas can be quite steep and in the shade and when high, it can be quite breezy so be prepared for the wind. 
  6. Ensure plenty of food and water. The queues for the food and drinks are always packed so we usually call at Marks and Spencer's on the way in to grab enough food to last us until gone 8pm. This way you don't have to waste time queuing and missing matches, and you can eat in between points on the court. There's also water fountains dotted around the grounds so you can quickly fill up with water. 
  7. Stay overnight. If you can afford both in time and money, I would recommend staying overnight following Wimbledon. There is nothing worse than having to get a train back and having to leave at a certain time. Matches don't have time limits and you never know when they might finish. Also, if there's still outdoor courts playing, it's usually emptied quite a bit by that point so you can enjoy even more tennis. 
  8. Wear comfy clothing. We always tend to walk in and out of Wimbledon because the traffic is always pretty bad and it's expensive to get a taxi so comfy shoes are a must. Also, remember it can be a long day of sitting and walking around so make sure your clothes are comfy enough to sit in for long periods of time. 
  9. Read the instructions. When you get your ticket, there will also be an information booklet with useful information in. On top of that, there will also be a piece of paper with prohibited items. It is important these are not in your bag when arriving otherwise you won't be allowed in. Security tend to give the option to throw it away or go through a different security access point where you can pay to have it kept all day...however this means more walking and queuing at a different gate.
  10. Have fun! Of course, most importantly, enjoy yourself It's a wonderful day out and you'll love every second of it. 
Hope that makes sense. Feel free to ask any questions if you want to know anything more about Wimbledon!