Shooting Badly, OSCE Exam and Skegness Day Trip!

Shooting badly, my midwifery OSCE and a day trip to Skegness!
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My super busy week began with a couple of sessions of archery. I had a lovely week of essay writing split by a few breaks of archery. The sessions were relatively quiet so there was just 3 of us at the pub for lunch but it was by a canal and actually really lovely. I was strangely calm about my essay and instead of the usual 8 full days plus getting my dad to check, I spent just 3 full days and didn't have anyone check as my dad was unfortunately on holiday. We shall see what the results say in 3 weeks time!
The next session, I made quite a few changes to my bow so it wasn't quite working out. In fact, it hasn't really worked out since I first started shooting with my bow but I've decided I'm just going to have fun rather than try to get good. Anyway, I made the poundage heavier, switched arrows, started using a click, adjusted my tab and I'm sure I'm mis-remembering a few so crazy busy!
The whole day was a little rushed. I woke up bright and early to drive to Chesterfield for a caseholding appointment. It was super late - as always - and took forever, so I didn't end up getting back to Nottingham until nearly 1pm, almost an hour after I originally said I was going to be there. Luckily, the staff were still waiting for me and I finished my OSCE after 6 minutes with full marks! It's funny looking back on how different my life is compared to London. I would have never dreamed of ever doing anything before exams for medicine. I would literally cram until the very last second. Once I finally got back and I'd been to the gym and a doctor's appointment, Bridget came over to celebrate and hang out for a little while. The rest of my housemates had gone on a camping trip for the weekend so I took full advantage of being home alone and ended up cleaning. Apparently, it wasn't up to Bridget's standards so she took over the vacuuming and I think we made a pretty good team!
It was also nice to spend so much time with L before I had the busiest 2 weeks where I wasn't going to be in Nottingham for very long. One night, he came over and I cooked tea but he ended up bringing his own so I had plenty for the next day instead. Then we went for a long evening walk which was really nice. The next night, after Bridget left, we ended up going on a evening picnic and walk to Wollaton Park and then on Friday, I met him at archery.
The next was pretty much the most perfect day. We started off bright and early at 0730. At least, for a Saturday and my first day off in what feels likes months, I woke up early for me. I think it’s definitely strange sharing a bed with someone and admittedly, neither of us slept great but it felt so comforting to wake up next to him, with his hand on my arm. It was sweet and lovely and everything I’ve ever wanted.

As usual, I was ready slightly late but packed a bag full of treats for the journey and then we set off. I’m so thankful, I was not the on driving, however with L I never am. I’m completely and utterly spoilt. He’s the best. We called in at Greggs and Subway on the way for breakfast and then continued on our journey to Skegness. Having never been before, I didn’t really know what to expect but I thought it would be fun and I’d been sold on the idea of a Seal Sanctuary and the beach.

We arrived, we parked and despite the precarious spot, L made it look easy. We walked along to beach and down to the coast line and paddled for a few moments before heading up to the amusements and 2p machines – yes, they still have them! I hate clothes shopping with a passion, but furniture is a whole different ball game. It’s fun and I’m obsessed with the details. We mooched around before calling in at a fish and chips restaurant for lunch. While I implied I didn’t care where we ate, of course we had to have fish and chips while at the beach: it’s tradition! Unfortunately, we were both left disappointed with the meal and ended up skipping dessert in the hopes of something else.
Finally, it was time for the Seal Sanctuary which had a lot more animals that I’d anticipated, and it was actually called Natureland Skegness. It was wonderful and definitely one of my happy places. It was peaceful and relaxing, and all the animals were gorgeous. They had a range of seals from adults to pups and even a baby on the way. They shared their story of rescuing the seals on the beach and also had window viewing for the sick seals recovering in the hospital. It was remarkably compact but sweet. They also had 4 penguins and alongside the seals, the staff fed them both fish every hour for spectators to watch. Additionally, they had farmyard animals like goats, sheep, rabbits, guineapigs and chickens. Plus, a whole range of more exotic species, from tortoises to a mini aquarium, to reptiles and even a butterfly zone which was incredibly hot and humid, and I quickly rushed through! It was all lovely and before my camera miserably died, I snapped some gorgeous shots. To my dismay, for the first time in a long time, I didn’t bring any spare batteries with me, so it was left to Luke to snap away for the rest of the day.

We grabbed an ice cream on the way down to the beach for a second time. If you know me, you’ll know I’m not a massive fan of ice cream, but they thankfully had an Exotic Solero, so I enjoyed that while L enjoyed his disgusting flavour of choice in a cone. Considering how nice the weather was, it was a much-needed break from the heat. Luckily, it wasn’t as hot as elsewhere. Up in London where so many of my friends live it was 36 degrees, in Nottingham 31 and on the girls camping trip 35. I think the coastline breeze made the temperature drop which made for a very pleasant day.
Walking down to the beach, I took off my flip flops and enjoyed digging my toes into the sand and paddling in the waves. It’s funny…I love the beach now but growing up, my mum said I was an absolute horror to take. I used to hate for the sand to touch any part of my body and have to brush every single grain off before participating in anything further. Now, it’s one of my happy places. I can’t wait to go to Hawaii, the Maldives and Bali with the white sand and blue oceans to enjoy. Unfortunately, L seems to be more like younger Hannah and he kept his shoes (and socks) on, while keeping back from the water. It was somewhat hilarious but consequently, the beach strolls didn’t last too long and instead we headed to a bar for a sit down away from the heat and enjoyed some iced beverages.

There were so many different types of Mini Golf dotted around Skegness and I think L really wanted to prove himself after the previous outdoor Mini Golf date. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go to plan and once again, I beat him. Ha! We ended up choosing a slightly cheaper course with half the holes because of the car parking time limit which is funny because I’m shocked at how quickly 7 hours went. When L originally asked for 7 hours, I cringed thinking it would drag massively and that would be far too long. Well time flew by and I could have easily spent even longer.
Surprisingly, as we were leaving, we then decided to go to the circus on the way back as well. Because this post is getting ridiculously long, I’m actually going to write up a review of the circus separately so stay tuned later this week and read it here.
I felt so bad at how late it was by the time we got back. We quickly said our goodbye’s before heading our separate ways and going straight to bed. It was practically perfect in every way.