Body Yogurts by The Body Shop!

I recently received a free sample of The Body Shop's new product, these Body Yogurts. As described on their website, these are cruelty-free and 100% vegan. These claims are very much in the current beauty market and I'm finding more and more products and companies going that way so I would expect the majority to now be able to say the same thing. 
They market that they are fast-absorbing moisturisers have a lightweight, gel-cream texture that’s suitable for all skin types, including dry skin and are easy to use. I found that they were actually quite thick and more like a body cream than a gel. They were very cooling which made it very relaxing when massaged in and they were quick drying, not leaving me sticky for long. 

Having now read the stores description, it says to apply straight onto damp skin. I did not do this. I got out of the shower and then dried completely before applying so perhaps it is the water mixed with the yogurt that creates the gel texture. In terms of the 48 hour moisture claim. I think that might be a little bit of an exaggeration. It felt very cooling which was great but didn't feel thick enough to be long-lasting. 
Overall, I absolutely loved the smell of the product and both of them were lovely to use. I would recommend if you enjoy a lightweight moisturiser that quickly get absorbed. I think these would be great at soothing sunburn over the summer.