23rd Birthday Haul!

I’ve been incredibly lucky this year, as I am every year, to receive so many amazing and brilliant presents. I love practically all of them, so it’s been a prefect birthday and I’ve celebrated with most of my favourite people. Click here to see how I celebrate. 

I casually mentioned these cute little gold earrings to one of my housemates and I was completely shocked when I opened the present and indeed, they were there! I'm slowly growing my gold jewellery collection and can't wait to wear these all the time. 
They also got me a set of Pandora earrings with little arrows on them for my new found love of archery.
An archery themes word spill...? I'm not actually sure what this is called but it's a mind map of all the words the girls associate with me in the shape of an archery which I thought was very thoughtful, plus it's in my favourite colour.
Continuing with the theme, my mum bought me some new outdoor arrows which I purchased but then she paid me for and brought them with her when she came to celebrate my birthday.
I know I don't drink but presents are always appreciated and I can re-gift this the next time I'm invited to someone's house so it's all good!
A cute little Labrador puppy for when I'm missing my own puppy's.
For once, I had a present to tell my dad I wanted and I gave him a couple options. It arrived perfectly and I can't wait to use it at archery. With all the cool features (waterproof, loud, disco), it's perfect!
This is possibly the only present I don't immediately love. I'm not into yellow so it will be interesting to see how I use this handbag from my mum.
I love reed diffusers and lemon is my favourite scent.
Chocolate is always appreciated.