16 Lies Parents Tell Their Kids!

I saw a thread on Twitter a few weeks ago and was instantly hooked. It's crazy how many lies parents tell their children and I'm not going to lie, even at 23 I still believed in some of these!
Here are some of the lies my parents tell me and I'll probably tell my own kids!
  1. Don’t swallow your gum or it will be stuck in your body for 7 years: I should still probably do some research on this. 
  2. If you tell me the truth, I won’t get angry: LIE. 
  3. Of course, we don’t have a favourite: I think the favourite can change but you always have a favourite. 
  4. Santa / Tooth Fairy / Easter Bunny is real: a good lie.
  5. We’ll think about it 
  6. Swearing is illegal 
  7. We’re going in 5 minutes: then mum spends hours saying goodbye to everyone.
  8. You’ll meet your best friends at university: as sad as it is, many of the people I considered great friends don't even contact me anymore. 
  9. You can buy that when you grow up and have your own money: I had far more money as a child as I will ever have as an adult.
  10. You can be anything you want to be: life is hard and sometimes that doesn't work out. 
  11. Study, get good grades and one day you’ll have a good job: well let's face it, my career will be stressful, pressured and low paid. 
  12. If a boy is mean to you, it means he likes you: this is a set up for toxic relationships...do not teach your children this!
  13. If you don’t behave, the police man will lock you up: do not tell children this because they should go to police if they are scared or in danger, not run away. 
  14. It’s illegal to turn the lights in the car on while driving: the biggest one that I still believed! Lol. 
  15. Icky Pucky lives in the towel cabinet: Icky Pucky was our household ghost. 
  16. If you eat carrots you can see in the dark: really? 
What lies did your parent's tell you?