My Perfect Midwifery Graduation Gift!

This month, I've finished my journey as a student midwife. I have completed all my requirements and unofficially graduated. I had a few comments asking what that meant and basically, due to the Christmas holidays, the university closed, therefore they then have a week to submit all the paperwork to the Nursing and Midwifery Council, who then register me and then I am officially a qualified, registered midwife. So even though I've finished at university, I still have a little bit of waiting to do. Anyway, despite all that, it still feels as though I've graduated, especially after our online celebration day a couple weeks ago. 

I got so many amazing, beautiful and lovely presents this year for Christmas. I can genuinely say I love them all, but nothing is more special or meaningful than this necklace. It is partially a graduation present and partially a Christmas present from my mum, and I love everything it stands for. I don’t know where she found it, but it will forever be an item I cherish and treasure.

The necklace is from Recognised which donates 100% of their profits to different causes. Each Statement Popon (pendant) is uniquely designed for different purposes and supports the charities for that cause. My mum chose both of the Popons perfectly and each is a matter truly close to my heart, both personally and professionally.

Taken from their website, each Recognised piece is ethically handcrafted with care, with a wonderful family-run workshop. Every Popon helps to raise awareness, spark conversation and bring solidarity to encourage acceptance, whilst "celebrating vulnerability, honesty and weakness as the biggest forms of strength". That's something I've always strived for myself and I think especially after this year, when people are more conscious, there couldn't be a better time to make a difference, support real change and make a tangible effort to stand with others. 

For graduation, I got the Motherhood Popon which recognises motherhood. The charities supported are: Little Village, a toy/clothes bank for children until 5 years old, and Pregnancy Twinning, which provides essential practical and medical services through the early stages of motherhood. I've actually had some experience with twinning already so I love that that is one of the charities they support. One thing I really thought was beautifully said, was that there is no conclusive definition of what motherhood means, and it takes all different forms of expressions. This cause recognises them all. 

This Popon is unique and special compared to the rest of the collection because it also comes with A Work of Heart book. This a collection of stories which recognises some incredible women and their courage in overcoming personal challenges to create authentic and powerful works of heart. As I read through the stories, I got goosebumps and some of them really resonated within me, reminding me of families I have looked after whilst on placement. 

For Christmas, I got the Pebble Popon which symbolises solidarity. The charities supported are: NHS Charities Together, for Covid-19 relief, and The Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, regarding Black Lives Matter and equality. This one was newly designed this year and I think one message from the website sums the year up together: "although physically apart, we were united through a shared experience".

When I first opened the second, I was a little confused as the box had the hammered Pebble Popon by itself. I was a little sceptical of having both the Popon's on the necklace together but I actually think it looks gorgeous. The delicate chain and the thick, high quality pendants pair beautifully together. Likewise, the rose gold finish was the perfect choice for me, because I already have silver and gold necklaces which I wear regularly. 

I can't even begin the express how grateful I am to have this as a gift. I think the cause and meaning behind it is so special. As I research more into the company, the more I fall in loved. I can't wait to add more to my collection and even more so, see which other causes they design for and support in the future. They currently support 5, with the other 3 being for mental health, cancer and modern slavery