Perfect Christmas Gifts for your Dog and Dog Lover!

Some of you may know that I love animals and most of all, I love my pets. I know I'm not alone in this and therefore, I thought this year it would be fun to do a gift guide for dogs! So many people share gift guides for him, her, them etc. so I thought we'd mix it up. 

First up, I wanted to share this gorgeous Christmas Gift Box For Dogs by Pooch and Mutt. This comes in a gorgeous box, with 4 items inside: 2 wet food pouches and 2 different mini bone treats. Of course, they are all Christmas food inspired and all their ingredients are natural, sustainable and high quality. The packages are already affordable at £9.99 but you can also get 25% off this week, free Christmas delivery with code and enter their 12 days of Christmas competitions. 

From food to water, this is a must have for trips out. This is a portable dog water bottle with bowl that hygienic and leak free. I feel like a lot of places are dog friendly nowadays and put water out for dogs, but there is nothing worse than being without water or at the very least, a bowl, when out on a hot summer's day. This can clip to a bag or the lead to make it transportable and easy to use. 

I guess this one is more for the owner than the dog but the second I saw it I fell in love! I will defintely be getting this for myself when I get my own little puppy in the next couple of years. Not on the High Street is a gorgeous site filled with unique gifts. This Personalised Leather Treat Bag is the perfect and stylish way to store your poop bags and treats. It clips to your clothes easily and holds the perfect amount for a long walk. 

I'm not a huge fan of animals in clothes but I do think one day a year for Christmas, it's acceptable for a little festive spirit. We've tried hats on our dogs but they've never lasted for long so I think these bandana's would be a perfect alternative...even if it does just last for a quick picture. 

If your dogs are anything like mine, toys get destroyed within seconds. I love the soft plushy toys because they're gorgeous but it's a complete waste of money, and it's actually a choking hazard when dogs eat the stuffing inside them. Alternatives like rope toys are sturdy and long lasting, like this one or this one. 

Another one maybe more for the owner is this stunning pet portrait! I absolutely love this design and can't wait to get my own. I think it would look amazing over the pet bowls or cage, making their little save haven their space. 

Finally, if you want to go all out. Get a hamper, filled with treats, toys and maybe a keepsake too. There are so many out there but this one may be my favourite. 

Have you any other gift ideas for dogs or dog lovers? Let me know in the comments below!