Finishing University, Wollaton Lights and Celebrating Qualifying!

Completing my undergraduate studies has been busy but I've still made time for some festive fun in between other commitments! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

My last week as a student midwife didn't quite go to plan. The unit was ridiculously busy, the "normality" was far from it and I left my last shift feeling shattered, heartbroken and in need of a much needed rest. Nevertheless, I have now (un)officially finished and it feels amazing! I can't wait to wear normal clothes and makeup for a while, even if there isn't anywhere to go just yet. 

I got a couple of cards in the last week which was actually really lovely. I'm not showing the insides for obvious confidentiality reasons but I wanted to remember the small moments of happiness. Plus, I ended the week with a little late night trip and picked up a lovely gift and card from my mentor. 

To finish the course, the 17th December was our last ever shift as student midwives in placement. To celebrate, I met up with Sam and Vicki to go to Christmas at Wollaton to see the lights. I was so excited and although I originally wanted to go with Luke, it was a lovely way to end our midwifery course together. It was cold and dark, but really magical and put that little bit of festivities into the season. There were different regions and although it was overpriced for what it turned out to be, it did feel worth it because it's the only thing we can do! 

The next day was our cohort celebration day. I was involved in organising the event as cohort representative so it wasn't a total surprise for me, but we tried to make it fun and special, despite it having to be online for obvious reasons. I think it went relatively smoothly and after picking up a gift from my mentor the day before, I finished my "speech" with a little quote. 

That evening was Luke's work Christmas do. Usually it would be a big event and a hotel stay, but instead, they sent over two huge boxes for a hamper and then organised a night of activities: bingo, quiz and live music. By the end of it, I was knackered and so ready for bed. In fact, I was ready at 10pm, let alone 1am! 

For our final day together, I wanted a really relaxed chilled day cuddling and packing, but no. Luke wanted to go for a long walk, to do tasks and to go shopping. It ended up working somewhat in my favour because Jess's present never arrived and I needed some stamps. We did manage to enjoy one last date night together for the year before he left for Christmas. Here's to a better year together next year.