What "WE" got Each Other for Christmas (Girlfriend/Boyfriend Edition)

Following on from my "What I got for Christmas 2020", I wanted to share a separate post of what my boyfriend and I got each other this year, like I did last year

Luke is possibly one of the most difficult people to buy for. Not only does he buy everything he wants for himself, but he also doesn't have enough room for anything and his room is so unbelievably cluttered. It's awful and of course I want him to be happy, but the thought of more things being in the house petrifies me. Not only that but he is also so straight faced and never seems to enjoy anything so it's so hard to read him. In the end, I decided to get items off his wish list to be safe. 

I decided to go for a bit of a smothering you want, something you need, something to wear and something to eat! I skipped out on the read because he already has a stack lined up. I went for a couple of DIY tools (squeegy and contour gauge) for the need, and food was sorted with Turkish delights and make your own gin. Cards Against Humanity worked for the want, but was far more expensive than I realised, and finally, the wear was going to be a massage neck pillow but it ended up being out of stock so that's now coming for Valentine's Day and instead I bought him some new shoes. He also treated himself to some boots at the same time, as both were from Debenhams. Due to the sales, they're actually now both out of stock but they were really nice. 

I was really impressed with all the presents he got me and I absolutely loved them all...genuinely! He got me a Lindt Chocolate Bear which was perfect and a much needed tradition, hence sense of normality. He then went for a bit of a theme with baking and cooking stuff: silicone cupcake cases, baking sheets (with brush) and knife sharpener. He got me a very detailed calendar from my wish list, that breaks it down into weeks and finally, finished with the best of all...a new Pandora charm for my bracelet. It’s getting a little full now but I wanted something to remember this year and a little house charm was perfect. 

I will be sharing my full Christmas present haul next week and I can’t wait, so stay tuned!