Mixed Christmas Gift Guide 2020!

I've genuinely absolutely loved shopping for Christmas presents this year. Earlier this month I shared a more unusual gift guide for dogs and dog lovers but I still thought I'd share what I bought this year, in a mixed Christmas gift guide like I did in 2018 and 2017. I can't believe it was that long ago to be honest! I've also done a stocking filler guide and a last minute version in the past for more inspiration. 

This year I bought a lot of high quality gifts. I didn't really get anyone birthday presents this year so it's a little over my normal budget but it's sort of double what I would normally spend on everyone. I also did a lot of online shopping, which is normal for me, but more so than usual, because of the covid-19 lockdowns, wearing masks and the sheer business of shops in the current climate, just isn't for me. Also, given that we can't visit extended family and drop presents etc off, I wanted to be able to post some directly, to save on postage costs twice. 

I bought from Amazon, Dunelm, Argos and Not on the Highstreet. This is the majority of presents from this year but I will be sharing a "what we got each other" in the new year for what my boyfriend and I got each other. Without further ado... do not read if you are expecting a present from me! 

This year I am 3 times the auntie and I love it. I love to spoil them all with little treats but for their first Christmas especially, it's become somewhat a tradition to get them a Cuddle + Kind doll. My youngest nice is ginger and the first day she was home, a baby fox was found in her bedroom so now I always associate her as being my "little fox". I'm obsessed! I ended up selecting Sadie the Fox for her and I think it's perfect. I waited for a long time for it to finally be in stock and I'm so pleased it finally was in time for Christmas! I sadly just missed out on the promotions, but you can get 20% off your first order here

For my oldest niece and nephew, I asked my sister what they wanted and they both wanted Lego sets: Dragon and Shark. I also bought them a joint personalised Christmas book which I hope they will enjoy for years to come. 

For my oldest sister, she asked for LipSense which is so lovely. She's bought some before but they ended up getting lost when she travelled so I can't wait to pick out some colours for her. For my other sister, I bought her a necklace that has her daughter's and partner's name on, which I think is perfect for her Christmas as a mother. For my youngest sister I bought her an organic, vegan luxury bath gift set and some Lush bath bombs. 

For my two brother-in-laws, I bought them leather wash bags which I am in love with! For my youngest sister's boyfriend, I bought him a beer gift set with 5 beers and 2 half pint glasses which I also think is really nice. 

For my two closest cousins, I bought them a heart shaped slate serving platter. They're moving moving into new homes soon and I think they will be perfect. They're also personalised with their initials. Funnily enough, I hadn't realised both of their and their partner's initials are the same! For my friends, I bought some prosecco and gin gifts from Dunelm! 

For my mum this year, I wanted to treat her a little more after everything she's done for me this year so I bought her a prosecco and chocolate gift set. She asked for prosecco so I thought this was a little more personal and treat like. For my mother's husband, I bought him a craft beer set with 3 beer cans and socks. 

My grandma is literally the hardest person ever to buy for. She doesn't use much and doesn't need much. She also always gets food and treats but is diabetic. I was tempted to get her a diabetic hamper but decided to go for bath salts which are ultra moisturising in lots of different varieties so last a while. 

Finally, for my family in Wales. For my dad I got a personalised watch, phone and glasses stand, which I hope he loves. For my dad's girlfriend, I bought her a runner's letterbox gift for her birthday which is coming soon, as she's currently training for a triathlon, and for her Christmas present I found her a stem vase holder. I thought this one was perfect because dad often cuts flowers off and then they put them inside in little cups so this little test tube holder was a much more glamourous way to display them. 

I'm actually really impressed with this years gifts! What do you think? Anything that has inspired you?