Gift Guide for All - Budget

I always love buying gifts for people especially when I know they'll like it! I tried really hard this year to get gifts suitable for each person in the hopes that they'll love it! 
For my youngest sister, I got her some Burt's Bees products. One of these is for her birthday but as I won't see her again beforehand, I figured I'd give her them at the same time. I got the Nature set and the pigmented lip balms which I kind of want to steal for my own!
Additionally, I got her a Zoella lifestyle candle as she loves candles. I got her the Gingerbread Village one and treated myself to My Eden which matches my little desk decor.
Catherine has been travelling so much this year and for her birthday I got her a scrapbook. When I saw these miniature maps I thought they would be the perfect addition and to keep track of where she should go next. 
Meanwhile, Victoria is always the most difficult to buy gifts for. I tried to look on her Pinterest for some inspiration and while most of it is house related, I did manage to find a little necklace. While I couldn't find the exact version, I did find a similar one on Not on the Highstreet which I hope she appreciates. When it arrived, I wasn't as impressed but fingers crossed she likes it. 
My niece always gets totally spoiled by the family so I tried to hang back a little this year. I'm more into educational games which she'll probably hate but I always loved growing up. Jess is the fun aunt who gets the exciting toys. I got this fun maths counting sticks game to start learning sums and the new Tom Fletcher book but it's probably more for me to read to her to be fair. 
Then I got her this two cute little bath sponges and of course had to add some yummy treats! I also threw in this little McDonald's gift. It's always fun to open presents right?

Finally, I got her these cute crayons! This was really just a little extra but I've fallen in love. Each letter is in a different colour plus it has a little picture impression of an object beginning with that letter: H for heart, A for apple, L for ladder, I for ink and E for elephant. I actually think it would be really cute to get a full set and learn the alphabet with these. Of course, I added a cheap colouring book to pair with them. 
For my flatmates, I just got little gifts. For Joe - boys are the most difficult to buy for plus I have very little experience other than my dad! - I got a little star full of treats and a little fun matchbox game
For the girls - and my mum because I thought her reaction would be hilarious! - I discovered these Boomf explosion boxes. I can't wait to see their faces!
As a non-joke present I got them each a little lip accessory too. Sophie got a lip gloss from Tanya Burr and Zhangqi got a Body Shop lip balm as I didn't think she'd appreciate bright pink. I got Afternoon Tea, Puppy Paws and Rhubarb and Custard and on the other side I got Passionberry, Raspberry and Satsuma
For my friend, Hannah, I found these super cute matching purses! Inside I also put in some goodies!
I also gave her a nail manicure set because she loves to paint her nails badly and while she's on wards (she's also a medic) she can't have her nails painted so I thought this would be the perfect way to take care of them separately. I also gave one to my grandma and one to my cousin, Eleanor. 
I missed my grandma's birthday this year and while I did send a card, I didn't get her a gift so I got her this cute Zoella Room Diffuser which I hope she likes.
For my other cousin, I got her these earrings. She's a dentist so I thought it'd be hilarious but I actually really like them and kind of want them for myself. How pretty and sparkly!
The last item I got from the Zoella Beauty collection were these cute bath fizzies. My plan was to give them to Bop but I think I'll use one and see what I think and then send the others off to her. 
 The two big presents this year went to my mum and dad. I don't usually buy such big presents but this year I wanted to do something special. For mum, I got her a ticket for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play. We've been talking about going for ages so when I finally got tickets I was over the moon happy! I can't wait to spend a Harry Potter weekend together as I'm hoping to also go to Harry Potter world the day after. Of course, they are really expensive so this will probably be her Christmas/Mother's Day/Birthday present.... sorry mum! For my dad, I got him tickets to the IAAF World Championships. He records all their meeting so when I got offered tickets at early release last September I couldn't refuse!

Of course, none of the tickets have been released yet so instead I made a little word document with a screenshot of the event and the seats and a message. I then trimmed the edges and stuck it on some Christmassy-card in red. I then rolled them up in a cute style and while I did have some super cute ribbon to tie them, instead I used two meaningful ties. For my mum I used the Lindt reindeer decoration that she sent me in her December gift box and for my dad's, I used my wrist band for the show I took him to see a few weeks ago when he visited.

I can't wait to see what I get next year! Merry Christmas Eve everyone!