Christmas Tree Brownies! (Recipe)

The last Christmas post! 
Super late I know but I did actually make these back in 2016. It feels like so long ago now aha.
For own of my Christmas presents, my mum got me a brownie skillet set so it came with everything you need, including the container, except for oil, water and an egg which most people have in the house anyway.
I poured the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl.
Then added the wet ingredients (egg, water and oil) to a separate bowl.
I then added the wet and dry ingredients together.
You needed a little extra oil in the skillet.
But then pour the mixed ingredients straight in.
I had lots of mixture and as the skillet was very shallow, I had lots left over.
While they cooked, I stored the mixture in the fridge covered.
Amazingly, they were perfectly shaped and literally fell out of the skillet with ease.
They look so pretty and festive. Definitely going to be reusing the skillet next year!
For more detailed instructions see below.