Sparkling Candles and Bath Bombs! / Year 2 Term 1 Bonus Footage

Last week I uploaded my new 2017 channel trailer which was a little bit of a 2016 recap. Well this week I've uploaded all the clips from my Year 2 Term 1 of Medicine at UCL, that didn't quite make it into any video.

Click here to watch or see below!

I'm so proud that I've posted at least one video every week in 10 months(!) but I am now going to probably be taking a little break while I concentrate on my studies. Be sure to catch up on all the other videos on the break until back to consistent vlogs in the summer!

When I first moved in, the girls threw Joe and I a little joint party as both out birthday's are in the summer so got missed. Of course the birthday cake candles wouldn't stop relighting and they set the fire alarm off.

Chickens eat pumpkins at a farm visit with my volunteering.

Sister arguments and Heads Up after a day hanging out with friends and for a meal with family.

My last lush bath bomb from Christmas on one of my last nights at home over the Christmas holidays. The best part is I learnt my bowls float and I could eat my melon in my green Santa bath.
Hanging out with friends and saying our final goodbyes for a while.

Totally random but totally my life!