Treatbox: Build Your Own Box - Review and Haul

I did actually get this a while ago before Christmas but I'm finally posting it. Too many posts this month! 
I saw a few bloggers posting about TreatBox and I loved the idea of it but this month's had already sold out so I decided to do build my own instead. There was such a large selection and I was so excited when I got to pick them all.
When the box came, it was beautifully wrapped and I loved the Christmas theme. The tissue paper was gorgeous and there was added confetti and glitter sprinkles. I was so excited.
When I opened it up however, I was a little shocked, Everything was much small than I had anticipated and seemed quite poorly made. I think that was the main response because I was expecting them to be so much bigger. I'm actually a little confused because it does seem a little overpriced; everything would cost £2 normally, yet it was almost £14 for all of them which is with the box discount.
I got this sign thinking I could have it on my desk to display as a sign but it's so small it will look stupid. I do however still think it's really cute and now have it hanging up on my wall.
This is again quite small but actually my favourite out of the box. It's a really cute, small and delicate wire hanging decoration for Christmas and I hung it up immediately. I can't wait to use it again next year.
They added this little quote card for free which is super sweet of them. It was only palm side so it can't really be framed and hung up, but I have it rested on blue tac on my desk as a sweet reminder.
I was so excited when I saw this because I thought it would make the perfect final addition to Bop's Christmas presents but the whole idea went out the window when I saw the size. I thought this would make the perfect door knob hanger for the her bedroom but it's less that 2 cm big which is utterly ridiculous and unusable for anything. In retrospect, I probably should have paid more attention when picking the products but I just thought this little princess sign was so sweet!
The thing that I'm most upset about was the bracelet. I saw loads of these beautiful bracelets on the site. I loved the message behind the wish strings but they are seemingly a bit of a rip off.  The picture on the site shows a beautiful heart charm yet this one is not only a star but it is the size of a pinpoint on a needle and the bracelet is a frayed piece of string. I'm actually shocked that they can even sell these considering how poor they are.
See the picture above for a comparison of what it should actually look like. I've emailed twice and have received absolutely no response.
This was the final and only semi-decent sized item. It's about hand size and even though it's larger, it's got a massive crack in it so how long it will last is another question entirely. I did however love it as a little addition to my Christmas decor and I will - hopefully - be able to use it next year too.

If you ever thought about getting any item from Treatbox, this might make you rethink.

EDIT: Since posting this, I have received a few lovely messages from the owner, Zoe. I didn't see the products may vary on the site so I will defintely pay closer attention to that it the future. Zoe has provided a great customer service and is even replacing the bracelet and damaged product. On reflection, I think the size of the products shocked me much more and so I didn't fully appreciate the products themselves. I really do think it's a lovely idea for a surprise box as a treat to yourself or others! :)