I am.... + Announcement!

For the new year, I've made a new channel trailer for YouTube. It's a little bit of a summary of 2016 but also about how many different things someone can be. So many mother's get told they're 'just a mum' or people get told they're 'just a...' but you're not just anything. You can be many things.

Click here to watch it or see below.

In other news, this year at university has been the hardest educational year of my life and quite honestly I'm struggling. I have consistently kept to a schedule in 2016 but with my new work schedule that has become too hard. I will continue to post at 5pm GMT but my 2017 schedule has changed. My goal is to post twice a week but the day and topic may vary:
Monday - YouTube/Day in the Life
Wednesday - All
Thursday - Thoughts
Friday - (Films) Review
Sunday - Weekly Recap

Also, you know me...I love blogging too much so let's face it, I'll probably still continue posting wayyy to much haha.